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We’re thinking about bringing the little satchets of mustard, ketchup and salad dressings for our trip this year, but was looking for a little guidance, as we have never brought these on past vacations.

Where do you get them? From fast food resto’s? My hubby is concerned that they will burst in-flight? Anyone have this happen in the past?


Hi lsalvis,

Well I have brought them in the pass, some on here will jump all over you about bringing them with you but if you want to that all you need, never mind what others might say.

I would collect them periodically in the months proceeding my holiday from FF restaurants and such. You can purchase them but that might cost you too much.

If you pack them in a zip lock bag them will be fine mine never burst before but it better safe then sorry !

Some tourist actually bring bottles of such things with them that can look a little tacky but I always say it that is what you want it’s your Holiday so do it !

I’ve seen ketchup and lots of different salad dressings available at the buffets. I’ve also been people bring a ‘jar’ of peanut butter to their table-must really like peanut butter!

Guess it depends on your preference!

I always bring my own salt shakers because the salt in shakers in Cuba are always hard due to the humidity and I get tired of banging them on the table. I also bring my own peanut butter. The bread in Cuba is sooo good and then add some peanut butter and it doesn’t get much better than that. I must confess to also bringing 2 litres of cream for my coffee. I like lots of cream in my coffee and the milk in Cuba just doesn’t cut it. I pack it in an insulated bag along with an ice pack and it stays fine for the trip and last me the whole two weeks. So if you want to bring something from home… go for it. This is YOUR holiday and you do what will make it good for you.

I forgot to add that I always leave what is left of the jar of peanut butter down there. It is great protein and the Cubans love it.

Whatever tickels your fancy. Ziploc bags are great. I leave them as well for the Cubans to use over and over. Good for shampoos and such

Last year I took small packages of syrup for my son who likes it on his french toast. We did not use much of it and left it with someone. They were very happy to be getting such a treat.

Go ahead and bring what you want.
Buffets are bland by definition as many would complain about too much (or any) seasoning.
It’s not like you’re taking ketchup to Sardi’s.
I like that chili sauce that Wendy’s uses and I bring some wherever we travel.
… In a zip lock bag to protect my other stuff.
At Barcelo Marina Palace last year, there were lots of condiments but one of our party said “This ketchup isn’t Heinz” so if you need it, pack it.

funny i took a jar peanut butter once because i love my peanut butter and only used it 2 times
in 2 weeks there is so much to chose from i didn’t bother with the peanut butter so now i don’t take any of them things

The salt in Cuba is hard to shake out for 2 reasons - partly the humidity, for sure. But also because it is natural salt without the chemical flowing agents that our salt in “developed” countries has. Read the label the next time you buy salt - it’s probably got aluminum in it, which is the most common flowing agent. I’ll stick with the clumping, thanks very much.

My wife thought that she just had to have Heinz ketchup until she tried Cuban ketchup - it actually tastes like tomatoes.

My wife thought that she just had to have Heinz ketchup until she tried Cuban ketchup - it actually tastes like tomatoes. [/quote]

That’s because it’s probably got some REAL tomatoes in it! :wink:

A chemist friend of ours did an analysis of what’s actually in Heinz ketchup 15 years ago and showed me the results. I haven’t bought or used ketchup since then.

We don’t take condiments to Cuba.

I have seen other tourists take out their little stash of fast food condiment packages at meal times. Suggest putting them in a ZipLock bag to avoid messes should they burst open.

I was just in Cuba a couple of weeks ago. I was there for 2 weeks. I brought individual packages of ketchup, peanut butter and jam. I could have done without the ketchup because there was ketchup there and it was okay, but since I brought Heinz, I used it. However, the peanut butter and jam ended up being my best meal of the day and I’m glad I brought them. Usually you can buy the PB and jam packets at 25 cents each from restaurants, or stock up prior to your trip. I left all my leftovers for the maid. Pack it in a zip-lock and you will have no problem.

You can buy the PB packets in bulk at Real Canadian Superstore and freeze the leftovers for later trips. The texture changes a bit when you freeze it but the taste is fine. You can also buy jam, ketchup, mustard etc. in the individual packets there as well.

If you really want to protect those little packets, put them in a ziploc container. The ziplock back could still get squished and if a couple of the packets burst the mess will be over everything. The container can also come in handy for take away. :slight_smile:

That’s why I buy only brand-name Ziplocs (found store brands to be definitely of lesser quality) and I also double bag everything! But if you have the space for containers, they would be a good idea.

The big grocery store chains like Loblaws, A&P, etc offer ready-made salads and a variety of dressing packets are free with the purchase. If you ever buy those to take to the office for lunch, by using your bottled dressing from home at work, you could collect the little packets and save them for your trip. I agree, they are much lighter to carry than a bottle of dressing and zip lock bags keeps them contained if they split.