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Confirmation for DCF Packing

The Dubois Charitable Foundation advises that we are loading the year’s first container of humanitarian aid for Cuba on Saturday June 1st at the usual location, (686681 HIGHWAY # 2 Princeton Ontario ). We’ll start about 8.30 or 9.00 AM and have the customary lunch and social time afterwards. A great way to make a difference and to meet fellow travelers.

This first container will go to various locations in the province of Mayabeque; to help the elderly, the sick, the disabled, orphans and social cases. We have had very good support and cooperation working with the provincial officials in Mayabeque, and feel that our help is making a marked difference in the lives of thousands of people in need.

We need about 25 people for this project, and hope that you will respond as generously as most of you have done in the past with your time, dedication and enthusiasm. In addition to Saturday, if any one is available Friday, we sure could use the help.

In order to have sufficient but not too many volunteers for these days, we ask that you respond directly to the Foundation or via PM here if you can make it; please let us know how many of you will be coming. In addition to ensuring efficiency at the packing, we can avoid having volunteers give up their time when we are already fully staffed.


Great news that it is a go! If anyone can make it, it is a very worthwhile effort and a fun day. If we can do it, we will

Great news that it is a go! If anyone can make it, it is a very worthwhile effort and a fun day. If we can do it, we will know in a day or two.

We are in for Friday and Saturday and have confirmed with John and Marion.

Just a few words to let you know that the response to our request for volunteers this coming Friday and Saturday has been really great. We have enough people confirmed for Saturday’s container packing, and for Friday’s pre-packing session.

To those who said that they were coming, thank you and we’ll see each other Saturday morning; to those who did not reply, or couldn’t make it this time around, we’ll hope to see you at another container loading sometime this summer.

Hasta pronto.

Looking forward to meeting the Debbie’s Gang! See you Saturday.

Just cooking our meal of ropa vieja, black beans and rice. See you all there !

May I suggest nametags?
I won’t need one. Just look for the big guy who’s participating in the ‘shave-off’ for the Hanover Cops for Cancer on Thursday.
I will need to stay in the can, out of the sun.

Great idea…! especially with forum names inc. And hopefully we will not need water- proof ink

Sorry, can’t be there. Gotta make a living so i can go on holidays.

Wonderful day…rain stayed off and the Dubois Charitable Foundation packed another container bound for Cuba… If all goes well there was talk of another in July some time.


Great job by everyone today and (prepacking) yesterday. Nice to meet a few more members of Debbies and TA. Discovered that I am not the only one with a different name on Debbies than on TA. Finished by 12:30 and we and our friends were back in Ottawa by 6:30. Great shot of the container! Kudos to John and Marion and cheers to everyone!

Great photo Canuks. Bigjohn and others managed to cram more in before the doors were closed.
It was a pleasure meeting the above, Cubamiga, Mr.Cubamiga, Iriemon and the whole gang.
John,Marion and the DCF are doing great work and deserve all the support Cuba lovers can give them.

A side note - there was space for nine boxes of veterinary, instruments and a centrifuge destined for the Agrarian University of Havana - Veterinary Faculty in San Jose de las Lajas, Mayabeque.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all, and more, again in July.

Great to see the supplies included for the Spanky project!

More photos and a few words.

[a href=“http://spankyproject.blogspot.ca/2013/06/dubois-charitable-foundation.html”]Mayabeque Container Load[/a]

Thanks… great pics and log of the day.

Nice photos, great work.

Glad to see the photos and to hear that the packing went well. We were down the week before to drop off items and we met Rumrunner. What a great cause!