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Conflicting Reports on Iberostar Varadero


I was really leaning towards IB Varadero then I read that it is really loud and the food stinks. Now, I know everyone has his/her own opinions on things but can someone who has been there please clear things things up for me.

  1. Are the restaurants air conditioned?
  2. Is it really loud by the pool? Loud music and partying? We prefer to relax with our little ones.
  3. Is the pool dirty/murky?
    The more I read about things the harder it gets to decide. We went to Playa Pesquero last year and I threw caution to the wind and had a so so vacation. Good food and beach, dirty pool ( what looked like skin and things floating around and ants everywhere in our 3 bedroom suite) They were even in our suitcases and we did not have food in there. Please help, I’m going CRAZY!!!


I was at the IV 3 years ago and it was awesome…in fact would go again this year but trying to spend a few $$ less. The pool was crystal clear…at certain times of the day (usually 4pm or so) it gets busier around the pool bar and the resort staff usually has some kind of a game going, but I dont really think it was that loud etc . There were certainly families with children around and no one seemed to be complaining!
I cannot recall if the restaurants had AC or not because we mainly stuck to the buffet.

We just returned last Wed… the pool is crystal clear but because it was cold as the previous couple of days it was cold there… but after a couple days of warmth is was most pleasant. As for the noise yes they had pool/beach games but we didn’t find it overly loud. The ala carte restaurants had a/c as well as the main buffet…

Hey there,

I have been to this resort 4 times and am heading back for our 5th stay in April. Please take that poster with a grain of salt. If you were to look at the other reviews he posted most of them are all negative so please take my word when I say that this Resort is one of the best in Varadero. It has been voted #1 for years now and so it should…
The food is great, the resort is EXTREMELY clean. They have activities through out the day which you can choose to take part in or not. It is not a party Resort but there is always something to do for everyone. It is one of the most expensive Resorts so you are not going to get the party people stay there. They will be staying usually at a lower price bracket Resort.
So I would not worry what so ever. If I could I would tell everyone to book the Iberostar Varadero as long as you save room for me : )
Please note that the rest of the reviews that follow that bad review have been good reviews.
As ksw5487 stated the restaurants do have AC . I remember that i use to take a little cardigan with me because I would get a little chilled by the AC ;D but I survived just fine …
Anyway no need to go crazy. You would be crazy to not book that resort.
That is just my 2 cents but take it from someone who has been there as much as I have and it is an amazing Resort. You can’t go wrong with an Iberostar Resort!


Only beeen there twice, but yeah , what Jackie said ! ;D ;D

lol Jemik ;D

Jackie, I can always count on you for an Iberostar Boost ! ;D, By the way , I just looked and saw you were there in April 07, we were there April 28th to May 5 th 07, I am sure that was later than you because I would not have passed up the opportunity to say Hi to a Newfoundlander ;), ( my mother would never forgive me for that )


As it happens, we went to Playa Pesquero in 2005 and it sounds like we had a better time than you did. Then we went to Iberostar Varadero in 2007 and had another good time. Maybe we’re just easygoing?? Yeah right :wink:

At IV, the hotel was full to capacity when we were there (April) and we did find the main pool quite crowded and loud. We basically escaped to the spa pool (no games or loudspeakers) and the place was almost vacant. We thought that was weird since the other pool was SO busy, but it worked in our favour.

Our rooms were very clean. We did notice a few tiny ants in the room from time to time but they didn’t seem to get into our stuff or bother us in any way.

I thought the food at IV was very good overall, probably a bit better than Playa Pesquero. Our kids would disagree, they simply LOVED PP and thought IV was all right–guess I should have saved the extra $$! Seriously, I would go back to either resort.

Hope that helps.

PS - meant to say that there was no issue with cleanliness of the pools at either resort when we were there, in fact we were impressed with the diligence of the staff at keeping them so clean given the number of people.

Thanks everyone. That does help. I’m really not that picky ;), I just want to enjoy where we are going. yhz, when in April did you go? Beginning, mid, end?? I would like to avoid the crowds as much as possible. Saying that, I know that this is a popular place, so I’m expecting it to be somewhat busy. If it wasn’t good, people wouldn’t go right?? Also, the pool was clean a Playa Pesquero? We were there May 2008 and I found it really dirty. It was murky and “things” floating all over the place. Not one top of the water either. One morning I woke up early and ran into the pool cleaner. He said he just sweeps the sides and he does the whole pool by himself. I felt bad for him.


Hi there, we went to IV around the second week of April (going from memory). I am not sure why it was so busy that week, since it is long past Spring Break, not that I expect you’d get many students at IV anyway due to $$.

We were at PP in April 2006 and the pool was just fine then–certainly no unidentified “things” floating around (apart from the odd leaf or insect or whatever that fell in between cleanings, same as you’d get anywhere). I am surprised to hear it was so bad when you went. I wonder if there was a managerial change or something??

Hey, yhz, maybe I am misreading mietz’s posts, but I don’t think he has been to the IV yet, just reporting what he has read :smiley:
and asking for opinions from those of us who have been there
( and wishing they were going back soon ) :wink:

Hi jemik, I think you misread my post…I was referring to mietz’s comment about Playa Pesquero (which mietz and I have both visited). Clear as mud? I thought so :slight_smile:

OOOOPPPPSSS ::slight_smile:

Hey Jemik,

Your too kind! I always tell people from NL when they travell to Cuba to expect the people to be allot like Newfies! lol
As you know I can’t say ebnoght good things about the Iberostar Varadero. When I go back in April I plan to visit other Resorts to check out to see what they are like in comparison to IV. One of the ones I am interested in checking out is the Iberostar Playa Alameda. You will have to let me know all about it and take lots of pictures ;D

take care,


[quote]You will have to let me know all about it and take lots of pictures

Jackie DONE ;D ;D