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CONGRATULATIONS All 6000 DDT Forum Members!


Please join me in welcoming our newest member


as our

6000th registered member.

Welcome ssouth and congratulations to all members of the Debbie’s Family. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.




Welcome ssouth, how does it feel to be number 6,000??

Hope you enjoy the boards, lot’s of interesting reading and great people.



Welcome SSOUTH…Congradulations ;D.
You will love it here!!!



Our family of friends continues to grow.
Another WARM Debbie’s WELCOME

Here’s to you…Ah heck, here’s to ALL of us

Joe y Karen :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Awesome achievement, Debbie and gang!

And welcome, Ssouth!


Welcome Ssouth…AND CONGRATS TO ALL!! :smiley: :smiley:


Congrats Ssouth - How many years has it taken to get to this point? Thks Greg - And to all the moderators who make this a great forum

[b]This incarnation of Debbie’s Dominican Travel Forums began to be populated by members in January 2004 when the old forums crashed and Senor Wud set these up for Debbie.



Great job Debbie and all …awesome Board.

Ssouth …Welcome to Debbie’s DR …


Even more impressive given this board is just under two years old. Colour me impressed! :o


Welcome 6000th member – ssouth!!! You are gonna love this board and the wonderful people who work soooo hard to make it what it is!!! Enjoy…


Welcome aboard SSouth!! :wink:

Bravo to all the mods and the members who made this board happen.

Best place to read about the Dominican Republic - No question left unanswered…

Enjoy!! ;D

R y R


Welcome aboard

Everyone is very helpful and when you go on your vacation, you will like you have been there a hundred times, with all the info that is available.