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Congratulations Stillgotit!


I see that you have been named Moderator. Whoo-hoo!! I know you will do a great job. I have always enjoyed your posts and your sense of fairness shines through so many of them. Congratulations!!


Congratulations Stillgotit!!
You will do a fantastic job…your friendliness, kindness, loyalty and humour will make you a perfect choice for this honour!
Well done, my friend.


Congrats Stillgotit! Job well done!

all the best,


You’ve got to be kiddin? Jus’ keedin’ Do not know what the qualifications were etc. But… I thik you will do an awesome job . I am sure it wil help that you have a good sense of humour and I know how much you love the DR. Congragulations Stillgotit! I am off to dinner with a grande amiga for dinner before our spanish class. Look forwaard to visiting the forums after my return. Way to go, far out!


Congratulations Stillgotit!! You have helped me in lots of ways!! I’m happy for you.
Way to Go :smiley:


Congrats Stillgotit!!!


I’m not sure where you are seeing this. The list of moderators seems to no longer be there.
Whatever, congratulations my friend. I’m sure you’ll do a great job.


Congratulations My Friend.


Congratulations, be different from that side of the fence?

Cheers Amanda :-*