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Conquest Flights from Toronto Change


We are flying with Skyservice (Conquest) out of Toronto to Roatan on April 10 and the flights have changed. The following applies to April 3rd, 10th and 17th: Departure: 12:55 pm instead of the original 6:20 am - with a 1-2 hr stop over in Varadero :frowning: It looks as if the flight home is direct (probably stops in Varadero first) at 6:00 pm Friday night instead of 9:55 am - plays havoc with our connecting flights - too bad for us :frowning:


Sorry to hear about your flight change.

In the last 3 years heading to Honduras I have never had it happen to me. I go either in February or March and the flight is always almost full or completely full.

The stop over in Varadero is probably due to low occupancy for traveler’s to Honduras. I know that the flights do stop in April due to not enough traveler’s wanting to head to Honduras.

Good luck with your connecting flight. I hope it all works out for you in the end.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Hi- I heard the stop over is 45 minutes and we don’t get off the plane. That is for a March 27 departure. I guess it is just good fortune that they are able to fill the plane enough by doing a stop and pick up in Varadero or otherwise the flight would be cancelled… It is a pain but at least it is still happening.


If I lived in Toronto I’d agree with you but as it is I would have preferred a cancellation and refund that allowed me to book something that suited us better - as it is, it is take it or nothing.


I hope this travel nightmare is compensated by an extra special good time on holiday.


Booklady & Tigericious,

I was really disapointed for you to hear of the flight changes to Honduras. We personally really liked the earlier flight as it allowed us to get to resort, get sorted out and onto the afternoon dive boat. It’s something we will be aware of next year when we book.

I know you will have such an a wonderful time once you are there, it’s a fantastic location and I hope this little setback wont take away any excitement from your vacation.

Have a fun and safe trip.
Wossa… ;D


We always have a wonderful time wherever we go. As long as the diving is good for hubby and I have the three B’s I am happy - Beach, Book & Beer :wink: I have no doubt we’ll have a great time. I understand that come April the loads may be lighter but Conquest must also have been aware of that when they set their schedule. We booked to fly out of Toronto at additional expense because it suited our schedule and now with the changes it does not. I think Conquest owes us at least an apology and maybe a little incentive towards travelling with them in the future.


I know you are disappointed over the delay and stop over, but perhaps there will a bright side to it all.

If you have to deplane you can run into the terminal at Varadero and grab a Cristal and a Cohiba and enjoy a bit of Cuba on your way to Honduras. :wink:

We had a stop over in Varadero on our way to Holguin once and were told we did not have to deplane by our travel agent. Once we got there we were told we did have to deplane and take all of our carry on, etc… with us.

We enjoyed a Cristal, Cohiba and passed the time talking to tourists that had finished their vacation and were on their way back home.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


I also remember some of the crafty passengers sneaked into the duty free at Varadero and bought cigars and booze on the quick stop over.

Every cloud has a silver lining… :wink:

Hubby will love the diving, the beaches are awesome and the beer is cold !!

Wossa… ;D


[quote=@wossa]I also remember some of the crafty passengers sneaked into the duty free at Varadero and bought cigars and booze on the quick stop over.

Every cloud has a silver lining… :wink:

Hubby will love the diving, the beaches are awesome and the beer is cold !!

Wossa… ;D


I actually thought of this and may still try it - but we were just there last month and our stash of cigars is good but I may stop off for some rum :wink:


Heads up for anyone on Conquest this weekend. Less than 48 hours to go an another change to the Conquest flights - surely this must be the last change.

Toronto ON / Roatan 5G068 10-Apr-2009 departure now 10:40 arrive 14:55 via Varadero
Roatan / Toronto ON 5G068 17-Apr-2009 departure now 15:45 arrive 22:05


The times seem a bit better now. I hope after all of this that you really enjoy your time in Honduras.

I am looking forward to hearing all about your vacation when you return. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Booklady is in Roatan right now. This whole trip has been a nightmare logistic wise for them. I hope that they make it back in good time to catch their flight to Calgary.


I have been thinking of her the whole time she has been on vacation.

I hope her return flight goes well and she had a great vacation while she was there.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Well we are back from Roatan and our Conquest Vacation! We were there for one week as planned and on Wednesday the Conquest Rep at the Hotel came and found us on the Beach and said there was a meeting for all Conquest guests at 5pm. We arrived at the meeting to find armed security guards at the door which seemed a bit odd. We were soon to find out that Conquest had gone out of buisness, that there would be no problem with out flight home as that was going ahead as scheduled (although those that were there for two weeks would have to return with us a week early)and that we all would be receiving an invoice from the Hotel for our week’s stay as the Hotel hadn’t been paid by Conquest for our trip (or for any of the Conquest guests that they had had in the last month).

People were fairly hot under the collar and the Manager was professionaly stern but not threatening. One of the guests was very familiar with the protection for travellers under the TICO insurance and volunteered to help the Manager contact TICO to see what our options were. The next day we found out that TICO had assured the Hotel, in writing, that they would cover the bills of the TICO insured guests and that they would not have to collect from us directly. Five couples at our resort had not booked through a TICO protected agency and they had to pay the invoice before leaving the hotel. The invoice initially was at the “rack” rate of $1,700.00 US per couple per week, but did get adjusted down to $1,050.00 US per week. A few couples had booked for two weeks and TICO covered their second week so they opted to stay and make their own arrangements to fly home. It was a bit unsettling but for us it all worked out in the end and certainly was not the horror story we are hearing from those that were in Cancun and some hotels in Cuba where they had to come up with the funds right away.

The manager at Henry Morgan was very cool under pressure and was completely accomodating which I’m sure was very difficult given the spot he was in as well.

We had a fantastic vacation, each day more lovely that the one before. The snorkelling amazing - couldn’t get over the visability. My husband was very impressed by the TGI Dive Shop and managed to completed his Advanced Open Water Certification while we were there.

We look forward to going back to Roatan and The Henry Morgan resort - and I hope one of the tour operators offers it out of Calgary next season!

Although Sell Off Vacations did not get back to me or answer my call from Roatan I am glad that they are an Ontario registered travel company under the TICO umbrella. You can bet we will continue to book our travel with Ontario based agencies until Alberta pulls their finger out and arranges some industry coverage for consumers.

Thanks for your concern and interest.


Hola BookLady6635

WOW… Am I ever glad things went well for you with Tico and the arrangements made by them to guarantee the bill would be paid.

I thought about you every day and as the reports came in from Mexico I was getting a little worried about our friends on vacation in Honduras.

That is fantastic that your DH managed to get certified while on vacation. TGI are an amazing group of DM’s, and divers. They take safety very seriously and we just love to dive with them.

I am really happy to hear that you had a great vacation and that you will be returning to Honduras as well as The “Henry Morgan” Resort.

Wossa and I also hope that someone picks up the Honduras route for next year. As soon as I come home from there I start counting down the days until I can return.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


The Henry Morgan manager told us he thought it would be offered by SunWing in the next season as they had already started to make preliminary arrangements with them before the Conquest collapse.


That is great news to hear.

Let’s just hope that Scuba Gear is still considered free luggage next year if it is offered through Sunwing.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Hi Booklady; I’m so happy to read that things went well for you. I can’t imagine attending a meeting with armed guards. That takes the cake. I’m glad to hear that Sunwing might take on Honduras. I have flown with them lately to Cuba and happy to say that the seats are a little bigger and the in flight bubbly is a nice touch. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


Quite the eventful week for you Booklady, we were thinking of you whilst you was out there !!

Really glad to hear that the Conquest collapse didn’t give you to many problems and you was still able to enjoy your holiday. Great to also see that your husband was able to complete his AOW and enjoyed his diving with TGI.

We will keep a look out for Sunwing in the Autumn to see if they take up the schedule for Henry Morgan…maybe see you there next spring :wink:

Wossa… ;D