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Consent Letters For Minors (Cuba)

I have a question regarding consent letters. I have a 17 year old (who is not my youth) travelling with my family (the son’s girlfriend) and I printed a sample consent letter from the Cdn gov’t website but how often is that required? Has anyone had any difficulties without it? The travel agent suggested to get is signed anyway however she also said that 17 year olds book and travel with her with no parents…so I just wanted to know if anyone has any advice?

I have travelled several times with my son, and I have been asked occasionally where his dad was, but never required any documents.
However, when I returned home to Canada, immigration required a document. I didn’t have one, as it wasn’t a requirement for Cuba, and was berated by the officer. I was eventually allowed back into Canada, but not without being reprimanded!
I then brought a signed letter from my husband, and a copy of his passport that had his signature on it, but never had a letter notarized!

I am not sure how strict they really are but I do know we are taking our 11yr old Grandson in less than 2 weeks and our TA told us that not only did we need the letter but it has to be notarized. They could refuse boarding in Toronto or refuse entry into Cuba. How bad would that be??? Better to be safe than sorry, I would think !

Well, I ended up finding a “Commissioner of Oaths” to witness the letter, so all should be well. I will update either way when we return if there were any issues.

While you are getting the concent letter for travel also get a note that allows you to authorize medical care in the case of emergency.

Ladybug1955 - Please do tell if you had any problems. I am considering taking my grandson and my concern is any customs drama.

lesab33 : I will post when we get back but I do know when we took our Grandaughter 3 yrs ago and I had all the proper id, passport , consent letter (notarized), the only thing they looked at was her passport. But… better to be safe than sorry !

No problems what-so-ever. I had my two sons (17 & 13) and son’s girlfriend (17). I had the letter filled out and witnessed by commissioner of oaths, but was never asked for it by anyone. But I felt better having it though. My sons were asked who their parents were though. Weird. I just made sure they went through the Cuban security before me or would wait for them.

Thanks for the responses guys n’ gals!

just got back yesterday from Varadero. we had our 12 yr old grandson whom we have full custody of. His last name is different than ours but we had no issues at all in Cuba coming or going. Did however got asked questions at Canadian customs coming back into canada. I told the custom rep that we were he parents and offer to prove it. That ended the discussion

As long as he has ID to let him get back, he will be fine in Cuba.

Why would you lie and say he was your son if he is your grandson? Rather unnecessary imo.

Ross didn’t say son, he said parent. No lie there.

thanks Spunky We have raised this child since he was born and have had full legal custody since he was 5 with no access by either natural parent(very complicated and very messy). We consider ourselves to be his parents. My comment was meant to reassure the person who started the thread that the Cubans(in our case) were unconcerned about his status. The Canadian Customs were the ones who were quite viligiant. I offered to prove our status and that satisifed them and ended the conversation.

My apologies Ross. I thought he was “just” your grandson and you were worried about travelling with him as your grandson, so it seemed like you were unnecessarily trying to mislead the immigration officials.

One of the many problem when reading the written word - open to misunderstanding.

that`s ok my concern with travelling with Patrick was his last name is not the same as ours and his passport picture was taken when he was 7 and he is now 13 . I was just concerned that the Cubans might require proof whereas the Dominicans on 2 previous trips where unconcerned. My concern was needless as there was no issues at all on the Cuban side. We had a wonderfull trip and quite frankly I am thinking I enjoyed Varadero more than I have Puerto Plata. As it stands now I beleive the wife and I are thinking Cuba next year again.

Patrick is a lucky guy to have you. With a name like that, will he celebrate the 17th?
As you reminded us, Cubans are human too.
Most problems occur when we return.

Yes his birthday is March 19 thus he was called Patrick. He is looking forward to be a teenager. Not sure that we are though LOL