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Considering Early Retirement

My wife and I are sick and tired of the rat race here on the outskirts of Washington DC, and have started researching plans to leave it all behind. The Caribbean is attractive for obvious reasons, and our research keeps pointing to the DR as the perfect place, all things considered. To this point research has been limited to the internet, but we want to visit soon for a closer look. The real estate prices seem to be more appropriate for us on the North shore around Sousa and Cabaret. Could we be missing something not readily found on internet that anyone may suggest to visit on our trip. Our first trip will likely be to North shore in this vicinity, so can you recommend in this region. Thank you all in advance!

Try the following link found on Debbies front page:

You might also want to check the forums at www.dr1.com as there are MANY ex-pats living in the area you are considering.

There is lots of information there as people have started discussion threads on this very topic.

A fellow Canadian friend of mine lives in a Little town just on the out skirts of puerto plata. The town is called costambar and its sounds like it could be an option for you. The town is mostly American, Canadian and German retires and its very safe compared to caberete or sosua. I myself plan to visit the town in may and will possibly be renting an apartment for a few weeks. My friend rents a 2 bedroom apartment for $600 US a month. If you google costambar you should be able to get info on what the town has to offer. Just my 2 cents worth. ;D

I’ve googled it several times in the past, and not been too happy with the info I got from the hits. Why not get your friend to post some of his comments and observations?

Thanks frisky, I wll look into that. What does ‘much’ safer mean? We are a little younger than your typical retiree (41), so what I have learned that the Cabarete/Sousa offers some of the things that we still enjoy, social/nightlife type stuff.

Also frisky, did they mention an average cost for purchasing a condo/small villa in that area? When we make the move, we plan to buy. We will certainly put it on the list to visit while we are there.

In my link for that area they have villas priced from $100,000USD and way up from there. Most are one and two bedrooms with several having their own pools.

Hey tandmz, I will ask my amigo next time I get ah-old of him about the cost of houses. His net has not been working so I only here from him once a week or so when he goes to internet cafe. I have not been to sosua or caberete myself, but he tells me there is allot of crime in those areas. IMHO any were that there is allot of tourists there would be more crime. You should take a vacation to the north coast and check out the different areas for your self and see were you would be comfortable living. I know my amigo has lived all over the island over the last 8 years and he has ended up in costambar. I have searched the net for DR real estate hundreds of times and I have found many gated communities in the cabarete area with villas and condos. ;D

have a look here for real estate listings


A warning about Costambar … there are smoke stacks of some sort at the end of the malecon in Puerto Plata … the black smoke always seemed to drift west … into my third floor apartment in Costambar. My choices were to stifle in my apartment or open the doors and have an occasional thin layer of black dust in my home :slight_smile:

My amigo just moved out of costambar into a town called torre alto. I have not got any emails from him in about a week to find out how he likes his new area. He does not like to stay in one place to long though.

When I was in Punta Cana in January, I met a gentleman at Steve’s Corner Bar, an ex Canadian. He said that he and his wife owned several condos in the area. I forgot his name. I wish that I had payed closer attention. He said that he posts on DR1. If anyone knows him please send me a PM. I really would like to get in touch with him for possible renting a unit next winter

There a number of Canadian and American ex pats who frequent Steve’s Corner bar and post of DR1.
mikefisher might know who you are thinking about, I have two people in mind. Was their name Paul or Les

I was lucky enough to spend last week Mar 18-25, in Sousa, at a friends Condo. I was surprised at the amount of Canadian’s who either winter there, or live there full time. I was just as surprised to find out how many Canadian’s own shops in Sousa as well. Great town for entertainment and a nice beach to boot.


We were looking around at possible places to retire and decided to go to the North Coast and look at some of the real estate that is shown on the Internet on some of the real estate sites. After working with a real estate agent over the Internet for a couple of months we went down and ended up buying a villa in Sosua. From our experience it is NOT dangerous at all there. YES there is a lot of theft but that is common throughout the DR if you happen to be some of the people with enough money to buy some of the better things the poorer people lack. We spent almost 2 weeks there in late early February and spent most evenings in town at the various resaurants etc. and walked everywhere at all hours and never, never felt threatened at any time. The people were wonderful and friendly and very helpful.


Have you been down yet? I am also an early retiree who is going to Sosua for 4 months this winter…I have worked through a couple from NJ that work at a REMAX there…they have been more than helpful if you want more info…

I have been to the DR about 7 times from Juan Doliom Boca CHica, Puerta Plata, Punta Cana etc…but wanted something like Sosua where you can walk to rest, shops etc

One more piece of advice. Work with a real estate agent familiar with the area well ahead of time so he can advise you of the benefits and pitfalls of different areas. Some great looking deals on places on the Norht Coast are great looking for a reason. Often the area of some of the places is not safe or as desireable as it looks on the Internet. Remember, no one gives you something for nothing. If the seller could make more money off the property they would. We highly recommend Jim Belair from American Realty DR who we dealt with and went far beyond what we would normally consider a real estate agents duties.

I retired early first in Guatemala, then in Honduras, now in Chile. 17 years total.
I have done a lot of research on my next move which may be Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic or Canary Islands. Feel free to contact me or visit
http://www.artistas-americanos.com/ where I have posted cost of living information.
tom pavlovich

Most ex-pats who live in the DR strongly recommend you come here and RENT a place for 6 months in the area you think you may want to live. DO not buy anything until at least that amount of time.

2 week vacations do not give you enough insight into living here. You are in a different mindset as are the people around you. Until you have been here a while you are a tourist.

You will learn so much in that first 6 months. Then look for what you want to buy. Once you buy it is really tough to sell it again. A mistake can take a long time to resolve.

So follow the advice of so many of us, come join us here, rent and then you will be in a far better position to buy.