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I have followed the post about the favorite rum brands with much amusement as have numerous others based on the number of views and replies.
I’m curious what is everyone’s drink of choice is while at a resort and in the course of a day how many you would indulge in.
Ourselves, we tend to stick to cerveza on the beach, disco cream pre- dinner, wine with dinner, and mojitos in the piano lounge at night.
Usually by the time we go again in six months my liver has healed up and is ready to go again.

Ahhhhh zuley… a thread I can relate too!

My first drink, as soon as I am checked in, and in my shorts and sandals, is going to be my beloved Bucanero Beer! Followed promptly with a Rum Punch… then work my way down the drink list!

Woooooot! 91 more sleeps til Varadero!


First for us is Crystal beer… although I got hooked on Pina Coladas last year, I ingested so much sugar in such a short period of time that my sugar levels must have been right off the charts! Moderation this year… I didn’t like the mojitos we had last year, weren’t that good, but I’d love to try another one in ONLY 9 DAYS!!!

For me it is cerveza on the beach, Straight rum in the pool bar, wine at Dinner and Rum after… maybe the odd Cuba libre thrown in and Baileys before bed.

52 days for us

Nothing before noon, maybe cerveza at lunch, possibly another late afternoon, a glass or two of “vino tinto” with dinner, possibly “menta” on ice later if there is a piano bar. I rarely indulge in mixed drinks.

a few years ago in Varadero we discovered the yellow ( lemon) lush …with Ron :wink: …very refreshing on the beach in the late afternoon ;D

‘Cubata’, which I may not be spelling correctly, which is simply a Cuba Libre made with dark rum. And of course wine with dinner, and a nice drink afterward. One recipe says that Cuba Libra (with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’) is also the same, but I have found in Varadero you need to order a ‘Cubata’.

Start at 10 am, with a mojito, rinse, repeat and don’t change the drink until your next meal (thus employing a ‘layering’ effect). I also like Cubatas. And late at night, a Menta on ice is lovely, but stop when your mouth is bright green.

un Cuba libre, por favor

I love Mojitos but a few years back I fell in love with Candela’s :-*

Light and dark rum, pineapple liqueur and pineapple juice…YUM! I can almost taste it now ;D Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until April before I indulge again, as I was stupid and didn’t bring any pineapple liqueur home last time ::slight_smile: A mistake I won’t be repeating :smiley:

“… un Cuba libre, por favor…”

Beardo, wasn’t I buying you gin(s) last time? Or were you just being more properly British than usual that day?.. ;D

Perhaps they’d run out of rum … or coke.

(Though the latter doesn’t stop me. I recall one occasion in the disco in Santa Fe, they had run out coke or any other possible mixer apart from water. They also had no glasses. No problem, I took a swig from the water bottle, topped it with rum, mixed it. At that point, my friend returned from the bathroom, picked up the bottle thinking it was just water …).

Hmmm, never before lunch, water up until lunch then usually a beer with lunch. Throughout the afternoon I’ll have a variety of margueritas, rum punch or whatever strikes me as interesting… usually just sipping them mind you. Wine and beer with dinner, then an after dinner drink of maybe a brandy or something like that, before settling into an evening of Cuba Libre’s. Yup, 7 days of that is why we only do it once a year… so far.

Spanish coffee! But if I drink it after dinner I can’t sleep, so I’ve settled on late morning as a suitable time. :wink:

Otherwise perhaps a Cristal or mojito during the day, a candela latish afternoon, wine with dinner (sometimes our own brought from Duty Free), and Baileys or creme de menthe after dinner (I wish they had the blanco in Cuba though). :stuck_out_tongue:

I once had Baileys in my morning coffee under the bad influence of another Forum member and regretted it. She had a good laugh. ;D ;D

I have to agree with Karmadoc.Mohitos or Pineapple juice with light or dark rum… yummm Can’t wait only 25 more days till I have one… That and Catalina Cream after dinner… Can’t go wrong :wink:

un cuba libre, por favor. I try to have something with juice to start, makes me feel like I’m being health conscious. Cuba libre remains my drink of choice. I’ll have to search for pineapple liqueur for Karmadoc.

Start the day off with Baileys from duty free in my coffee. Later move on to cerveza, maybe a cuba libre thrown in for good measure, nap, usually just water with dinner and a spanish coffee after dinner. Nighttime maybe another cuba libre.

Next day, repeat.


First light, I’m wandering up to the 24 hour lobby bar, with our stainless steel mugs, for a couple of cappuccinos and a shot of Bailey’s in each. During the day, at the beach, a couple of Cuba Libras or La Candelas in same mugs, wine with lunch & dinner and a Creme de Menthe by the pool during the evening show.
Karmadoc…I did remember to bring home the pineapple liqueur so get to enjoy La Candelas at home ;D

Each year on vacation, but usually just one day, I like to have a fruity rum drink or two before lunch. :sunglasses:

Why? Because it’s my vacation! And, they get mad if I do it when I’m back at work! :-[


Karmadoc…I did remember to bring home the pineapple liqueur so get to enjoy La Candelas at home ;D[/quote]

Sure Steffi rub it in why don’t you… ;D
Oh but wait, if I remember I’m the one who’s responsible for your Candela addiction :-/ so I guess you can rub it in…a little ;D

I did find a recipe to make my own pineapple liqueur, I’ve just been too lazy to do it ::slight_smile:

I have enjoyed a fair number of Mojitos at home this year though… ;D