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Contact info Blue Bay

Just booked this week for 7 days at Blue Bay, arriving April 1st!
Would like to contact resort in advance to request a couple of things. Does anyone know of contact email for the resort?
Looking forward to the trip and to our first visit to PP. New area to explore. We are starting to zero in on excursions, try usually to get in two and spend rest of time on the beach.
We booked the Gold Service package and free wifi is included in this - does anyone know if available in rooms or just in lobby?

This is the email I used when we stayed there. Great resort, loved it. There is wi fi at the front desk, not sure about the rooms.


You can contact Martin Espinal at Isaira Tours, he will custom a tour to you liking, have known him for years and very trustworthy.

espinal30@msn.com or espinal30@hotmail.com

Have fun.

The last info we have posted in our hotel contact information on the main site is:
BlueBay Villas Doradas reservas.pop@hotetur.com 809-320-3000

From their website
Call Us Nationally at 1(888) 774-0040 or at (305) 774-0040

Let us know which work. :sunglasses:

Interestingly, their site talks about being adult only and then gives information about the kids and teenagers clubs … Last I heard it was adults only.

Thanks guys! I will try to send off emails to the addresses listed and see what happens. Want to request king bed and balcony and to be in the blocks by the spa. When I get response I will update the contact info here on the board. Do you know if we can book the a-la-cartes beforehand from home? Did two years ago at PC resort and was great. Last year in Mexico no reservation was require for the a-la-cartes, which was even better :slight_smile:
I noticed they had info for children on their main webpage, I think copy and pasted from one of their other resort and they didn’t proofread. Our travel agent confirmed that adults only.
Wishing I was there now - after a very snowy weekend.