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Contact Info for NH Real Arena?

Does anyone have the full address / contact information for NH Real Arena?

We’re headed down there for our Honeymoon first week of April and would like to make sure our family has the contact info incase of emergencies…

Thanks so much!

it’s important to make sure you have that information…

We stayed at EdenH last year…and my grandmother passed away while we were there. My family made numerous attempts to get ahold of me by calling the front desk, leaving a message, asking to be transferred to my room, or leaving a message on our room phone.

Unfortunately, none of these messages ever got through to me…and all they got was a big phone bill…and I got a surprise arriving back in Canada to rush to my grandmothers funeral the day I got back…thank God the flight wasn’t late or delayed.

So yes…very important to make sure they have a way to contact you…

a general phone number for the resort is simply not enough!!!

send a PM to PCmike he will be able to give you the hotel contact information

Thanks Hula! Will do…

who’s this PCMke guy anyway???

Send him a private message:


Mike works at NH Real Arena.