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Contact info for Playa Cayo Coco


Hello everyone
I am leaving for Cayo Coco ;D And i would like to contact the resort before leaving. I need an e-mail address for Hotel Playa Coco. If any one had been here…can you give me an idea of which room block which is closest to the ocean. And any other information that you would pass along would be great.



I was just there in May - nice resort!

The best buildings are the pink or yellow…

I was able to contact the resort using the emails listed on this site… can’t recall which one worked but I did get a response to my email

E-mail: comercial@playacoco.co.cu
E-mail: jefe.rrpp@playacoco.co.cu
E-mail: caja@playacoco.co.cu
E-mail: gaviota@gaviota.gav.tur.cu


the latest emails for government run resorts use the .tur.cu.
.gav.tur.cu for Gaviota and
gca.tur.cu for Gran Caribe