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Contact prob Mike Fisher

hello to all fellow and future supporters of our children.
a lot of people contact me on the e-mail address
to set up a meeting with me to pick up donations.
during the last days i realized that i did not receive the requests of many people who contacted me since late november.
i do not know where the problem is located, of course i sent a complain to my server-provider about that to get it fixed, but who know’s how long that will take.
so for now i would appreciate if visitors who bring donations for our kiddies would contact me by PM right here on Debbies bord or on my main e-mail address
if you ever contact me for what ever reason and you do not get a answer back within 24hrs please contact me by PM because there went something wrong.
please spread out this message also on other bords so i get that mess done right.

thank you very much everybody for your support of our children.

Probably the servers overheating… watching you drink those cold greenies…

Will send you some of this white stuff we have just laying around here… keep those servers and the greenies nice and cold :slight_smile:

i have more of that white stuff laying around the house than you do, Wilf.
how many ft deep can you digg in your snow now?
i can digg in my white sand in front of the door veeeery deep,
and the only thing feeling cold on that is the BEEEER!!!
ha ha
s’y’ soon