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Conversion rate to peso

Good morning… does anyone know what the conversion rate from US to Peso is in Puerto Plata? Is it a standard rate or is it set individually? For example, when I went to Barbados last year, it was a universal rate, set for the whole country. I checked a currency rate, this morning, … 100 pesos = 2.87 Us dollars…

at the fun royale resort the rate this passed week was 1$us=34.60 pesos
at the banco in puerto plat they were giving 35pesos per $us
plaza was giving 33/32 pesos for $1us (in playa dorada)
and the store were giving 30 pesos for 1$us

shaunanddeb… thanks very much for that info… gives us a good gadge for shopping, tipping etc.

bank rate as well as cambio rates

The best way to calculate is simply this. 100 pesos = $3.00 US. It is close enough and the peso has not varied much in many years.