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Converting money

Hi just wanted to know what kind of money to bring to cuba, canadian or US, does everything have to be paided in pesos or do they accept cash. At the airport do you need pesos or cash or do they accept credit cards. Please help, I’m getting confused. Also one more thing how many pesos do you get for 1 cdn. dollar Thanks!!

Start by reading this, then come back with further questions…


There are a couple of errors on the linked site:
referred to in the article.
The photos of CUC’s and CUP’s shows the fronts of the 3, 5 and 50 CUP’s as well as the backs of the 10 and 100 CUP’s incorrectly as the same as the CUC’s.
It would be a real mess trying to determine what’s right if you use these pictures.
I’ll copy this to the moderator.

Thanks for pointing out those couple of incorrect photos, Spunky. Its been mentioned by several other posters in the past. The consensus is that the mix-up is so painfully obvious that anyone taking the time to actually follow the link to see the photos would instantly realize the screw-up. It’s no big deal.

Much more important is some of the out-of-date info on the thread itself. I haven’t bothered to update the info for a few years (I’m the original poster) and it’s definitely time to finally give the thread an overhaul. Any comments in that direction would be very helpful.