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Coral Marien Wedding flowers


It is only 5 weeks until we leave for the DR and 6 until our wedding. Does anyone have pictures of flowers from there weddings? I am just curious as to what kind do they offer, the cost etc. I have emailed the resort but still no word. I am getting married at Coral Marien and I don’t know what to do about the flowers. Thanks for your help


If you go to www.webshots.com I have posted our trip for our nieces wedding at the Marien in Nov 2006. Some pix there of the wedding party flowers - they were very nice. Just type in search box judestravel and they should come up. Let me know if any probs or you want me to email a few to you from my files…


florangel told me either roses or daises would be included. Anything else would be an extra charge but she never said how much extra ::slight_smile:


Hey judestravel did they charge her extra for her flowers or were they included and what did it cost her for the flowers for the other girls. also the boutineers. I truly thank all of you for your knowledge and help
it is coming so close now


I’ll email my niece and ask her what costs were - if any. Will get back to you soon as I have her reply.
Only bouquets were bride and the 2 bridesmaids - boutineers were groom and father of bride only. No groomsmen had them or not the brides ‘men of honour’…
There was a centrepiece on bridal table but later transferred to the reception area - I think!!!
Will let you know.


Her wedding package only included her bouquet and the groom’s boutineer. She thinks the girls’ bouquets were around $30 US each and the boutineer for the father of bride around $12 US.
Not sure if you saw pix, but bouquets were (off)-white roses with deep pink (almost fuschia) daisies. Very nice…
Hope this helps - relax and enjoy your wedding - it will be beautiful I’m sure…and the only way to get married…Congrats…