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Cost and list of Sunwing excursions from Cayo Santa Maria


Does anyone have a list of excursions, with prices. from hotels in Cayo Santa Maria.
If anyone has been on any lately, opinions would be appreciated as well.


We were there a couple of years ago. We did the Jeep tour. All day drive your own jeep through the countryside in a convoy. Stopped at a farm for a good lunch then to a nature preserve for swimming and a hike. It was a good tour but you are not off-roading, you stick mainly to the highways and must be able to operate a manual transmission. Think it was about $100. Buena Vista Social Club is good if you like Cuban music. It’s at the theatre in the Plaza. Very talented musicians. $30 or $40 for that. There were also tours into Santa Clara and other towns and a boat tour in the mangroves around the island. See: https://www.sunwing.ca/en/things-to-do/cuba/cayo-santa-maria


Thanks Northernguycanada ( from southerngalontario) lol
thanks for the reviews of the trips, that is what I like to read, ppl who have actually done stuff.
Looking at doing the city of Trinidad trip. just wondering how much it costs so we can budget before
we get there.
Buena Vista sounds good!
thanks again!