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Cost of Legal paperwork, for marriage in punta can

Hi guys can anyone please tell me what to do about the legal documents needed to enable us to get married in Dominican republic please we get married 2nd June 2011, id like to know when i need to do it all, how much it will be and how i go about it?
Thompson said that it will cost me about £1000 which i think is very steep!
Thanks ???

I called the Dominician Council in US I believe I was quoted 100$ per translation ( I have it written down at home I’m at work, clearly working hard and not thinking of my vacation and wedding coming up haha), and they stated to send it about 1-2 months to the resort prior to your wedding date and arrival. They did say that the document that states your single should not be written by the notary earlier then a month before departure or they may not find it legal and I believe the cost of that paperwork was 55-60 each person.

The good thing about going through a DR consulate is that they keep these papers on record for when you return to the states, They will also translate your marriage certificate from spanish to english when you return

I was really stressed about paperwork but when I called the consulate and asked my long list of questions it seemed to help me with my stresses

Hi, I also am flying to Punta Cana with Thompson and we are renewing our wedding vows and they quoted a package price of £800 but I contacted the hotel direct and emailed their wedding co ordinator and am having it done for £420 which is a bargain.
Weddings will be more expensive as you have to have a minister but speak to the hotel direct.