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Costmabar Beach

How far is this beach area from Conforti beach with all the resorts? I am coming down in March and want to explore over here. JJ

Do you perhaps mean Cofresi and Costambar??

Cofresi is the last name of a pirate (Roberto Cofresi) and Costambar is another way of saying amber coast.

Both are west of Puerto Plata.


Cofresi is about 5 miles from Costambar. I lived in Costanbar for almost a year and I feel it is a much nicer beach than either Playa Dorado, Sosua or Cofresi. It is quiet and secure and you will not be harassed.

my freind lived in costambar for 3 years. he is canadian but moved to DR when he retired. Mostly british german american and canadian retired people. at least in his condo complex.

Hi Jersyjohn…
We have done the walk between Cofresi, and Costambar along the beach. It took us about 20 mins. You can’t do the beach the whole way, as there is some large rocks, (cliffs) that you have to get around. But, it was a nice walk. When we were ready to go back to Cofresi, after a few “beverages”, we weren’t in the mood to walk back, so we caught the motoconcho’s and that was a blast… :smiley:

Thanks for all the replies! I will make the trip over that way to check it out. JJ