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Could be trouble


…if the forecasters have it right.



Not looking good at all. Sure hope it dies out or veers off its current course.


ditto… I’ll be following that one as it’s heading right for Santiago de Cuba and Club Bucanero. they have been hit real hard in the past. I think it was Hurricane Dennis back in 05 / 06. It tottally crushed Club Bucanero.

prayers for all the residents (&travellers) in that path. :’( :-*


CNN news at 6.30PM Thursday Aug 23 Haiti sits in path of Issac


eeeefarm’s link:


Is updated regularly and shows the progress of Isaac. :’(
We hope all our friends will be okay and they won’t have to go through the heartbreaks we saw in Holguin and Cayo Largo a few years ago.
Fingers crossed… :wink:


doesn’t look like the eyes :o of the storm is going towards Santiago de Cuba / Club Bucanero.

however looks like it’s going to hit the Playa Pesquero if it follows it’s current path…

more prayers for all that have been hit. :’( :’(