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Couldn't find a great deal to Cuba

>:( :frowning: :-[ For our annual February trip south… Got a sweet deal to Florida Tampa and then on to Fort Myers… :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure is going to be a different kind of trip for us… We have been doing all-inclusive (mostly Cuba) for the last mucho years and now it’s off to making our own dishes, making our own beds and cleaning up after ourselves… while on holiday… (puke)
Cheers! the plane leaves in T-minus 4 hours.
Still looking for a sweet deal back to Santiago de Cuba for the End of March.  

I guess because of family week coming you could not get nice deal. End of March you will not have issues. The best prices so far I know are in April! Have safe trip!

Buen viaje! Take lots of pics! :slight_smile:

All the prices have gone through the roof just as soon as the bad weather hit. The people that book ‘as soon as the prices are released’ won the battle this year. When Cuba prices are too high and other destinations become more attractive, people go elsewhere just like you & I did. There were a few times when looking at the grid that Samana DR, Panama, Venezuela and Mayan Riviera were all lower than Cuba on the same star rating. Makes you wonder.
Oh well, as I always said, prices are just like the stock market, it’s all supply and demand. This year, I lost the ‘last minute’ battle.

The pricing has gone crazy. My agent friend told me today that she had the busiest January’s in her 22year! Now February is flat even with all the snow we have been getting slammed with. Glad we booked in June last year. The last listed price for our week when it was available(no rooms left) was $330 more than what we paid.It’s always a gamble.

Problem is with taxes as well. Traveling to Cuba we pay lower taxes than to Mexico, Dominican Republic etc

My trip is now $500.00 more per person than when I booked it in December

I hear you!

We’ve opted for non all-inclusive vacations for the past few years. In our case to Hawaii (Maui & Kauai) where we stayed in a condo and rented a car for the week.

Truth be told, these past vacations have been very rewarding and much more interesting than going all-inclusive. Bonus was that the reefs and our snorkeling experiences in Hawaii were so vastly superior to what we had gotten used to from our trips to Jibacoa where the reefs are in very sad shape, that I didn’t even mind making my own bed and doing the dishes.

Enjoy your trip!