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Hi we are considering going to cozemel for a trip. We were in Mexico 5 years ago and took the ferri over for the day to drive around the Island. While we drove around the Island we seen a few couples tanning nude on some of the more private beaches. If we decide to do this will anyone bother us. Also do many people go nude on the secluded parts of the beach.

Hi Stevo,

On the East side you will see scatered nude people or topless.

Keep in mind that the police if they see you from the road might not like it. It is not permited in Mexico. You have to understand one thing don’t do it a specialy on a Sunday…

That’s the Mexicans day off and they will not let you. They are very prud people for the most part and will have very nasty comments for you. This is a Macho country and getting into a fight with them is not a good idea.

Cozumel is not like Riviera Maya with all of the Europeen to do this. The East side is there place to go for family day off.

It’s a wonderfull place lovely people but also very traditionnal and religiouse ones.

So be carefull to pick a secluded spot.

Have fun in the sun