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Crafts in Varadero

Last year we were in Trinidad and saw some beautifully crocheted tablecloths and I was wondering if there is anything like that available in Varadero or Havana? I wish I had known last year what size my dining room table was. Thanks.

Havana has a huge craft market with some pretty unique stuff. If you decide to go make sure that it’s open. I believe it’s closed one day a week. But am unsure of which day.

My first time there I arrived on the day that it was closed.

The Havana Market is bigger, but you will get pestered far less at the Varadero Market. ;D

I bought a crocheted hat at the Varadero market. They also had crocheted beach dresses, and some other stuff. I wasn’t looking for table clothes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had them.

Es verdad! The havana market like a pressure cooker sometimes. I’ve seen people run out of that place. There is a lot of hard sell and it gets to some people. You have to learn how to smile and move on. Great experience though.



I’m not sure if it is what you are looking for … but I have an assortment of ‘cut-cloth’ pieces that I got mostly in Trinidad - mostly table runners. The edges are sometimes embroidered, and there are various patterns cut into the fabric by removing individual threads. If anyone knows what that craft is called, please let me know. They are quite delicate, and need to be hand-laundered, hung to dry, & ironed.

There are a few market areas in Varadero … there is the big one, but there is a smaller one as well, (around calle 50 area) where the old market used to be, along with a few stores in that general area that do carry tablecloths. I haven’t yet found one large enough for my table, and am considering placing a custom order on my next trip that I would pick up at a later date.

Thanks for all the replies. I really hope that we get to the market in Havana when it is open. Love the pictures of the market, I took about 50 of the market in Trinidad. My husband loves to wander, his Spanish is almost non-existant (gracias, por favor, dos cervezas) but he loves to smile and meet people. I tend to be a little panicked at first when inundated by people (I have a personal space thing), but relax eventually. I hope I don’t go running from the market. Can’t wait to go - less than 48 hours.

Put on some dark sunglasses and remember it’s not impolite to simply ignore aggressive sellers. No big deal.

If you need a break there are several relaxing patio bars and cafes within a few minutes walk from the market.