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Credit cards


[p]hi do most places take credit cards restaurants, grocery stores, gift stores, casinos[/p][p]
[/p][p]thanks in advance [/p][p]gene[/p]


Some places will but ONLY VISA and MasterCard. Very few will take AM express and NO ONE will accept Discover. Some places will charge a percentage of fee to use them (not all but some).

A couple of rules about CC:

  1. Notify your home bank of your travel plans or they will put a hold on the card with the firs use (ATM Debit cards as well)

2 NEVER let your card out of your site. If need be go to the cashier at the restaurant and watch her/him do the transaction

  1. NEVER let them do a manual swipe of he card (old system), If they do not have a modem for swiping the card then don’t use it.

  2. make sure they charge your card in PESOS never let them do it in DOLLARS as they will give a much worse exchange rate than you CC company will

Hope this helps.



thanks much


You are welcome and have a great trip.