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Credit Cards

This is my 2nd trip to the DR. I went 7 years ago with a friend and stayed at the Sun Club. Don’t know what it is now. I paid absolutely no attention to how he tipped or paid. I am understanding that US dollars are fine in most places and for tips. How about credit cards for excursions and such? I want to take my granddaughter to Manati Park and on Bravaro Runner excursion. I enjoyed them when I was there and think she would love them too. We aren’t leaving till April 4th, but we are so excited.

We used our Visa with the reps at the hotels and had no problems for the excursions and stuff like that… we bring US money for tips…along with a few treats… I am sure you will have loads of fun… we are going in a few weeks as wel!!

visa and master credit and debit cards are accepted everywhere to pay for excursions or such. american express cards are a bit more rare in acception. for smaller amounts like some souvenirs from shops/stores/beach vendors i would recommend to bring some cash in smaller bills, the same for tipping. taking money with your credit card from an ATM(of course you get only local currency, pesos) provides you always with the very best exchange rates, ATM’s should be available at all resorts, they are available at all shopping areas, too.
happy travel