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My girlfriend and I will be in Sosua for a week. She is very concerned, to the point of backing out of the trip, about crime in DR. I’ve read that crime is no worse than any major US city and if one is not foolish (ie: flashing money, walking alone at night) then one should be ok. Is this correct? Should she relax and look forward to a wonderful trip? We will be staying at a smaller hotel in the center of town, not an AI.

ive never felt threatened while in Sosua, that being said, its just like being anywhere, common sense is always a plus,btw out of all the north coast she enjoys sosua the best…

thanks for the response. glad to hear that she enjoys sosua the best. I was hoping to explore some by day. again, with common sense, this should be ok, correct?

I have been to Sousa several times during the day and have never had nor witnessed any problems at all. the Vendors can be aggressive but that is it. Cannot say what goes on at night though.

I lived in Sosua for a while and I never felt threatened in any way. That includes at night. A Dominican may rob you if given a chance but unlike here in North America it is unlikely you will get harmed.

I remember 1 night leaving Rockies at night alone walking back to the Casa Marina complex the power went out while I was headed back. I was approached by 2 younger men. My immediate reaction was on my heels. One of them asked where I was going and I told them. They then walked me back to the Casa Marina. I offered a small tip for the help but it was not accepted.

Now, that showed me 2 things. They simply wanted to help me but also they were concerned that I could be robbed.

Maybe I am a bit naive or maybe just overly trusting or maybe just lucky but I feel safer there in the D.R. than I do here in my little country town of Jamestown NY. I think Dominicans simply are not as violent as we Americans. Please keep in mind I have been in many barrios and other non touristy areas where I was the only gringo and I have never been confronted.

But… do not flash a lot of money or wear a lot of expensive jewelry.

THANKS for responding. This will help my girlfriend feel more at ease. Muchas gracias!

we have stayed in Sousa and never felt threatened

absolutely right like written above.
like Phil i spent countless days and nights in many barrios all over the Isle, including our mayor cities. they are def not more violent than any other mayor city of the world is, i would name 'em even much smoother.
in case of the OP asking specifically about Sosua, i would not even compare Sosua to a mayor city somewhere else, compare it to a big pueblo on some foreign countryside, much less violent that mayor cities are.
in case of Phil’s situation, if came out the 2 guys don’t wanna help but rob him in the dark the only sane solution would have been to give them the few bucks not spent prior at Rocky’s and the watch or cell phone and they would have run with that most likely right away before some help appears, without doing real harm to the victim.
compared to my own homecountry germany where i grew up on the country side even the bigger cities over here are less violent than the smaller towns there at home.
to a visitor who wanna go to town at night without using a cabby or such i would advice to simply group up, stick together in small groups 2-4 people, a simple street thieve, even if they are 2 or 3 together, will most likely pick a single and obviously drunken looking easy victim for a fast snatch of money/watch/cellphone aso than a little crowd which may fight back. stick with others who have the same route home or grab a cabby, hey, we spend a bunch of money when out in town for a night, so we should plan that cabby fare into the count, no big deal and better save than sorry.
happy weekend

I too have always felt safe in Sosua, I call it my home away from home. We usually takes walks all about and no one has ever bothered us, even the vendors know us now and just let us go about our business.

I was in the internet cafe across from Casa Marina and some people from Washinton Heights heard my accent,knew I wasn’t Dominican and asked me if I wasn’t scared to be walking around by myself. I told them I had never thought about it really, I asked what should I be scared of? lol

Anyway if you just exercise the same caution that you would anywhere, you will be fine.

Hey jahaira-

Thanks for your post. We are from Jamestown NY as well and my daughter is traveling to DR next week & i am very nervous- but your post made me feel better about it.

She is flying into Santiago & will be staying in Moca. Are you familiar with Moca?

ps. your daughter is beautiful!

From Jamestown!!! Figure the odds on that!

I have been to Moca many times but it was always for business purposes. It isn’t a tourist area so I was just wondering what the purpose of her trip was. Possibly missionary? Relatives?

kjm- is your daughter staying in moca with friends, or is she going to be living alone? ive been to moca a few times, and my husband is from moca!

Hi Jahaira & Coronita! Thanks for your replies. She is visiting her husband- who is living in Moca with his step-father. Her husband is 23, she is 22. And they have a 16 month old son. Her husband was brought to US when he was 8 years old- and a LPR but never became a citizen. About 2 years ago- he got into some trouble- was supposed to do 6 months in a boot-camp type program and then sent come home…but upon dismissal…ICE showed up & they deported him. His mother, brothers, aunts, cousins, wife & son all live here. The only one he has down there is his mothers first husband (the father of his brothers) so he has been staying with him. Granted he shouldn’t have gotten in trouble- but I feel its terrible they split up a family. So…my daughter is going to visit for the first time, and she is going alone…so I am very nervous about it.

He has said Moca is very “country” What is it like??


I wouln’t call Moca country. It is a rather large city. There is a beautiful cathedral there that dates way back. There is actually a zoo there also but if you are an animal rights activist you would not enjoy it. Moca seems to be very popular as an auto resale center. That is what took me there as for a while I was renting cars to tourists.

jahaira, i know exactly what you mean about the animal rights and the zoo in moca, there’s a guy that works there that should be thrown into the lions cage!

kjm your friend will be fine, its not country though, moca a big city now and yes there is crime but she should be fine if she’s with her husband and they don’t walk around flashing money and stuff like that flaunting that they’re “dominican-yorks” (dominicans from abroad!) when we go, my husbands uncle is nervous of us going out alone exploring, because even though my husband is ‘mocano’, he has been a canadian citizen since the age of 10. But we rented a car, went off and had a blast when we were there.