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Criminal record

If you have a criminal record is it ok to travel to d.r. Very mild charge but criminal.

What country are you from?

Do you hold a valid passport?

I am from Canada.Yes I hold valid passport

Then you should not have any problems travelling to the DR.

Thanks Hollywood.Can you travel to D.R. without passport.

Yes, you can travel to the DR without a passport. You require two pieces of ID. Do not try to travel to the US with a criminal record even if you do have a passport and if you are given a pardon in Canada it does not mean you have one in the US.

Thank you very much.That makes me very happy. ;D

from Canada you can go with photo i.d. (drivers licence) and birth certificate.

i got a criminal record from when i was 18 and i have never had a problem traveling to the DR.

Same here just don’t connect thru US.
Have fun!