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Crochet dresses

Have any of you bought one of the dresses they make?
I bought one about 8 years ago and tried it on today.
I was impressed it still fit. ;D
Are they still selling them and if they are they worn a lot?
Just thinking I may bring mine along.

We got back on March 2nd and every day I saw a lady on the beach selling them. She’d walk around with a dozen or more on the beach selling them. In our hotel they also had someone selling them on a rack in the evenings. There was a mini fashion show one night. There was tops, dresses, coverups etc. They looked quite nice, but I can’t say I saw alot of people wearing them, a few maybe, but they do look nice!

I’d say take it!

Have fun on your trip; now that it’s warming up in Winnipeg, I’m glad; when we returned it was a frozen tundra here, made me want to turn around and go back!

Pictures from a crochet clothes fashion show.

wow.thats a NICE top on the left :slight_smile:

Nov '07 my wife bought a ginormous crocheted table cloth at the market beside the Club Amigo Atlantico, and I remember seeing many different garments there, skirts, wraps and dresses, at the same place.

I think she’s looking forward to seeing that place again next month.

;D My better half bought one a few years back on the beach at Breezes Jibacoa during a fashion show there, and…hmmmmmm…still looks awesome…on her… :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: If you like it and you feel good in it, wear it! Who cares if it’s “in style”?

I really like the look of some of that stuff but I can’t stand the way it looks on me. So good on ya if you can wear it. :-*

Just back from Cuba and yes they are still selling them and plenty of people wearing them…