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Cruise Port update


sorry I didn’t post yesterday but my computer kept kicking me off…so frustrating!!

I climbed the hill to the Wedding Gazebo at the Bachata to get a better look at the construction work that is taking place.
They are busy building, but they still have a long way to go before it is completed.
There is no noise coming from the construction area at all, so unless you actually knew what was going on in the area, you wouldn’'t know that it was being built.
In order to accommodate the cruise ships , Maimom Bay will need to be dredged…unless the ships are anchored out & the tenders bring people in…that will have to be decided.
I took a few pictures, but will have to post them when I get home. Tomorrow I may take the binoculars up on the cliff to see what else I can find out. …will add to this later !


Thanks for the update. They do plan on dredging the channel out so the ships can dock at the port. Plans currently are for the first ships to arrive in January 2014. So over a year away.