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Cruise ship terminal follow up?


Has anyone been to or near Riu Bachata to see if any construction has begun for the terminal? I was looking at booking Bachata but if the terminal impacts the beautiful sunset and view over Maimon Bay, I would be searching for another resort. Its a great resort at pretty good pricing right now.


They have started construction but I don’t belive it will effect the Rui at this point.



A beautiful view:



I was wondering about this as well and how disturptive it is at this point. Are all the little shops still in the bay? I’ve been looking forward to a massage from Maria who has a little hut down there!


I will be at the Bachata in 33days time…will try & get the scoop on how things are progressing.


Good for you mra - hope you have a wonderful time! Looking forward to the “scoop” :slight_smile: