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Cuba - Black Market = Miami Mafia!

 For years I have been posting for tourists to take in children clothes / shoes as tip gifts. In the first three months of 2014 over 170,000 Americans visited Cuba and most had a Cuban back ground. Many come loaded with both new and used items to sell at a profit.
 When a real tourist tips with cash a lot of this money is spent in the grey / black market making lots of $$$ for the Miami Mafia.
 Recently the government crack down on many back yarders. Children’s clothes / seem to be exempt.

Gordon, how are you differentiating between clothes that come from your hands and clothes that come from a Cuban American’s hands? The vast majority of the clothes that you give to resort workers are sold/swamped on the black market too. What’s the difference?


PS The so-called “Miami Mafia” (a term which is way out of date in this day and age) do not support Cuba. They act in the exact opposite manner in which the Cuban Americans visiting Cuba conduct themselves so please stop using this very derogatory term incorrectly.

The only reason the Miami Mafia bring in items is to make money !!!

Dear Gordon,

1.) The so-called “Miami Mafia” are a dwindling number of old school nutbars who have never travelled to Cuba. They are supporters of the embargo, they are against ALL travel and commerce with Cuba. They have nothing whatsoever to do with importing clothes to Cuba.

2.) The Cuban Americans who are bringing stuff to Cuba are the exact opposite. They are travelling to Cuba, they are directly supporting their families in Cuba, they are in direct violation of everything the “Miami Mafia” stands for.

You should not be calling Cuban Americans who support Cuba derogatory names. They’re supporting their Cuban families in the exact same manner that you are.


Not what Michel tells me. Keep the embargo - right Terry ???

All the best to you, Gordon.


Yes, They make profit by bring in goods but for the purpose to support their families. For the embargo to be honest I can not find the reasons why the two countries are still miles apart (do not tell me about human right). You and me can be friend but only interest between two countries.