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Cuba - CBC Radio Tonight - Report

Cuba - Feature report on " The Current " March 18 at 8 P.M

Error on date - should be March 19 - Wednesday

A CBC TV show the same subject - March 20

[a href=“http://”]http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertainment/television/Bill+Brownstein+Love+Under+Cuban+Skies+looks/9631699/story.html[/a]

Here is an article in the Montreal Gazette written by a columnist on the program:

Got the pvr set to record this tonight…should be interesting to say the least…

Watched it this morning - VERY interesting. You can watch online.

I just put this post on the CBC site regarding the T V show.

Gordon Robinson

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I liked watching that show and at the end they said: “New week new round of tourists” :slight_smile: I saw it online as well on the link you @cubakingone provided! Thanks

I watched it online so now I want to watch it again as a drinking game. Everytime I hear myself go, “Uh HUH” in recognition, then I will take a shot!!! I’ll be drunk off my axx in ten minutes…

Not the best way to deplete your cache of premium rums & tequila eloisegirl!

I watched the show and can’t say there was much in the way of “new” information but hats off to young Andy for finding a wealthy “fairy godmother” spouse/sponsor.

I’d like to see a follow up segment showing Canadian men with Cuban wives. Seems to me this works out much better. When my sister and her Cuban husband split, she began to fully realize what many had tried to tell her. You can take the man out of Cuba but you’ll never be able to take the Cuban out of the man.

For me is very interesting that some people like entertainment guys talk openly in front of the cameras. What do you think can they have problems for their jobs? I am sure that a few years back nobody would be willing to go in front of the camera and talk like that.

‘I watched the show and can’t say there was much in the way of “new” information but hats off to young Andy for finding a wealthy “fairy godmother” spouse/sponsor’.

I especially enjoyed the expressions on Andy’s mom’s face at the wedding. She was over it, and it hadn’t even begun!!!

I have so many opinions about this show but they are all really judgmental and nasty so I will stop now. :wink:

I thought is was pretty lame and boring overall. The subject matter had a lot of potential, but the final product fell flat.

I know it’s fairly difficult to convince people to participate and it’s super expensive to travel the shooting crew between Cuba and different parts of Canada/US and I intimately understand all the other logistical and budgetary restraints that a production like this faces while shooting in Cuba, but still… it was a very shallow attempt at “understanding” the situation.

I laughed my butt off though at one of the jineteros who is a long standing acquaintance of mine and how he played the film crew like a cheap fiddle. Hilarious.

And the “arrest scene” on the Malecon was fake and staged for the film crew.