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Cuba - From Port Alberni - Travel Time !#!#!#

Research trip # 84
Since 1993
 P.A. - Nanaimo - Ferry Duke Point - Taxi - Vancouver airport - Montreal - Holguin - Marea Del Portillo - Brisas - return + - 60 hours. I used Air Canada and was pleased with service but ::: My July research trip will be Vancouver direct. Lots of new reports - will get to them once I clean up my email questions.

Welcome back Gordon, how was the weather ?

Over the 14 days some light afternoon rain and humid. Michel just emailed - T%he Rafel Freyre carnival just outside of Guardavalaca has been canceled due to very heavy rain. Michel has a new Nikon camera and was going to take a video of Angelica dancing in the carnival parade.

Welcome back and I was wandering where in Cuba will be your next research trip as you will fly directly form Vancouver. Are you going to Holguin again?

Varadero - this July