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Cuba libre drink

Many tourists love to go to Cuba and say “por favour una Cuba Libre”. Usually it is very similar to Rum and Coke but Cuba Libre has fresh lime juice added to lightens up the drink and defines the Cuba Libre as a separate drink. You can prepare Cuba Libre drink at your own home this is recipe:

You need to squeeze the juice of half a lime into ad some ice and rum and cola. At the end stir well and drink is ready. Very simple to prepare and people who love cola taste usually love this drink.

Some say that Cuba Libre drink was invented in Havana, Cuba around 1901-1902 year but still they are not sure exact time.

Do you like to drink Cuba Libre?

Dos Cuba Libre por farvor :slight_smile:

I find the standard bar white rum is a little harsh and should be cut with turpentine to make it palatable.
A better drink, in my opinion, is a Cubata. That is dark rum and cola with a squeeze of lime. Much smoother and the Bartenders will recognize a person of class and distinction when one is ordered.

Don’t like them at all. I’m not fond of any drink that is made with sugar filled soft drink. Rum tastes best straight, no ice or with coffee. In my own extremely biased opinion of course.

I agree with BigJohn. Here in the Atlantic, we like our Dark ‘n Dirty … aka a Cubata in Cuba.

Mind you, sssnakes has my heart too … a good rum shouldn’t be mixed at all.

Snakes I share your opinion with Scotch… best serve straight, no ice. Of course this is also my own extremely biased opinion :slight_smile:

One “Dark 'n Dirty” with lime, por favor. Cubata, eh?
Here, that means dark navy rum but I think it means Mulata or HC7 in Cuba. A little lighter. IMO

hear hear! Straight on the rocks or straight tout court!

Count me in with Bigjohn! I like a cubata when I’m drinking rum and coke.