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Cuba "Repeaters"

What is your favourite area and resort?

Favourite area… Havana
Favourite resort… Sol Club, Cayo Largo (of the 4 resorts/hotels I’ve stayed at)

I have only been to Cayo Coco… Club tryp, Sol Club, and Iberostar Daquiri 4 times which is my favorite…

South Coast - Manzanillo, Trinidad or Santiago.

Having been to Cuba over 50 times since 1994…My Favorite place is
Havana…I loved staying at the Panorama hotel in Miramar Havana when
it was owned and run by a German Company… By Cuban standard the
food was very good . The Chef was German and the hotel was run very
well…I had my Wedding party at this hotel… In recent years the German
Company have left…The hotel is now run by Gaviota and the food and the service has changed for the worst.

I concur.

I’ve been to Trinidad, Santiago, Cayo Santa Maria and Guardalavaca. 9 trips.

My hands down favourite is the south coast. People, climate, “gemütlichheit”. It’s the real deal.

Next week, I expand my horizons and try Jibacoa for the first time. Stay tuned for my review. :slight_smile:

Favourite area? Cayo Coco.
Favorite resort?, Right now TRYP, but ask me agian after March 16th…hehe

Guardalavaca Is My favorite area
The Brisas Guradalavca is my favorite resort

Favourite place def Havana - words just can not describe

Favourite resort - any hotel on Cayo Santa Maria

Our 5th visit in four years is only 3 weeks away. Since we go primarily for relaxation, we prefer Cayo Coco. However, we adore the people of Guadalavaca and hope to return there some day. Our only “repeat” resort is the Tryp Cayo Coco, which we would love to visit again. However, we want to enjoy some others first.

Favorite area Varadero/Havana

Favorite resort hmmm Brisas Del Caribe/Hotel Villa Cuba

I have loved every resort I have been to. I just love Cuba :slight_smile:

Been to Jibacoa 6 times, and heading back for number 7 in June! :slight_smile:

Favorite area is definitely Guardalavaca!! Cayo Guillermo is a very close second!

Favorite resort so far is a tie between Playa Costa Verde & Iberostar Varadero. Like Jethro - ask me after April!!! :wink:

Our favourite area is Guardalavaca and it’s a tie for resorts between Playa Costa Verde and Playa Pesquero. Looking forward to our 13th trip to Cuba in April.

Favourite area, Cayo Santa Maria. Favourite resort, Sol Cayo Santa Maria. I also love Cayo Largo. Things change, and as Cayo Santa Maria gets more crowded with more hotels, I may have to pick a new favourite.

My favorite area in Cuba is Guardalavaca… :smiley:

My favorite resort is PRDO… hands down… :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Have been 3 times so far and going again next month. Cayo Coco was our first time and loved it.
Last 2 times and this time is Varadero again because it is affordable. Would love to go to another part of Cuba sometime. Fav resort so far has been Tryp in Cayo Coco.

My favorite area is Holguin
Favorite resort Paradisus Rio De Oro with the new Royal Hideaway Ensenachos becoming a close second Dan

My favorite area is Cayo Santa Maria and my favorite resort is Playa Pesquero from which I just returned last week. Beautiful week!
2007 Jan Playa Pesquero
2006 Jan Playa Pesquero
2005 Feb Melia Cayo Coco
2004 Feb Sol Cayo Santa Maria