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Cuba - Take Ins - Own Use

  1. Face clothes
  2. Plastic covered 16 oz. thermal drinking mugs
  3. Mosquito repellent - after bite
  4. Something for upset stomach - diarrhea
  5. Granola bars
  6. Thick high white sport socks
  7. Long slacks for evening wear
    8… Sunglasses
    9… Sun screen
  8. Beach towels
  9. Sandals
  10. Clamato powders

Small first aid kit
febreeze (travel size)
pen and small notebook
anti-histamine (benadryl)
after sun lotion (aloe vera)
chap stick with sunscreen

Good - pen - pad - business cards too

can of salmon :slight_smile:

polysporin (or tea tree oil)
chew gums
tooth paste

A bar your favorite bath soap.

I always bring my own soap. I hate small hotel soap bars. Facecloths are useful…handy to wipe sand off my feet, rather than for the obvious use. Nivea cream (I’d be lost without it!) Flat drain plug for the sink (to give my underwater camera its fresh water bath). My own beach towel. Snorkel gear and underwater cameras, of course! And chocolate, both for me and to hand out to other chocoholics! :slight_smile:

We always take a small coffee brewing machine…love to sit on the balcony sipping coffee before we head to the buffet for breakfast.
Also (stole this idea from another guest):
A small 2" paint brush, great for brushing sand off your feet & between your toes.
We have even packed cheap chair pads if we know the lounges on the beach are only hard plastic, we just leave them behind when we’re done.
Agree totally with taking some delicious chocolate (love the dark choc)
SPF 30 lipbalm
My mini binocs (for bird watching, of course!)

Band-Aids, my feet always get blisters

A couple of dollar store LED flashlights. Leave behind with some spare batteries.

Watch batteries for each family member. Yeah, I know you’re not suppoesd to look at your watch on vacation, but still… They are virtually impossible to find in the resorts - maybe in La Habana.

The usual first-aid type of stuff, DEET bug juice, basic acetominophen/ibuprofen, solarcain, sun block. All left behind.

[quote=@trent]A couple of dollar store LED flashlights. Leave behind with some spare batteries.

LED lights have been very useful for me a few times in resort and off resort (specially off resort where in no street lights can be very dark)

I like wind up flashlights. No problems replacing batteries or discovering that the ones in the flashlight are dead when you really need them. I have had a couple hung on a hook in my barn for years.

Raid the Ketchup counter at Wendy’s before you go and load up on the small ketchup sachets. I love everything about Cuba…except their “catchup”

I like LED just because ones that I have are very small and still powerful at dark. I like small size as it can fit in my pocket and I still can dance and walk around. I guess I will have to check on wind up flashlights to see if the have now smaller sizes.

The biggest take in, in my opinion is simply your respect and a friendly smile. Leave the attitude at home. Afterall your on vacation. All the stuff mentioned, great ideas.


In addition to the bug spray… a fly swatter.

If there’s no breeze on the beach it comes in handy for those pesky little black flies

I’m probably packing this weekend. Woot!

*Potato chips
*Boxed wine (maybe. Haven’t actually bought any)
*More flip flops than one person should need (I always break at least 2 on vacation)
*Second-best pair of running shoes; have holes where my little toes are, but have better traction than my current pair of shoes, just in case I do that nature hike thing in town.
*More sunglasses than one person should need (breakage/loss)
*More sunscreen than one pers…you know. (Will take it home with me though! At $13 a pop, I’m not leaving it behind)
*Duct tape (don’t know why, really, unless I need to tape curtains closed or luggage together)
*Toilet paper and kleenex packages
*Hand sanitizer (in case of emergency. I hate the stuff)
*Make-up, which I will not use :smiley:
*Make-up remover cloths, which I will not NEED to use :smiley:
*Camera and charger (hm. Wonder if it’s dual voltage?)
*Tacky pink flamingo wineglass…even if I leave the wine at home
*Tweezers, nail clippers, toiletries
*Books and more books (to be left behind). Jack Reacher is going to be my travel mate.
*Insulated mug for refreshing adult beverages
*Water bottle to be filled for flight
*Lurid air mattress
*Beach towel
*My own pillow

Si - Cuban pillows are very hard !!!

…and quite often lumpy.

That’s what I figured. I can deal with pretty much anything (except creepy crawlies, of course) if my pillow’s comfy.

  • vice grips and a 9 in 1 screwdriver …we always find something that needs a tweak
  • scotch tape, and small duct tape
  • clothes pegs & drying line & 4 shower curtain rings - to hold the line or for the shower curtains…can not tell you how helpful they are…
  • Okoubasan - will not travel without( [font size=“1”]http://www.biomedicine.com/ourproducts/pleo-sanum/pleo-sanum-product-groups/pleo-oku-(okoubasan) )
  • camera
  • our own mask & snorkels
  • candle(s)for room
  • ZipLock style of bags. small good for $, larger for laundry and wet stuff. Put personal stuff in it southbound, in case there is an inspection items are viable but not handled
  • small compass that has a thermometer inc.[/font]