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Cuba - Tipping With Gifts - Story!

 I love to tip resort / hotel workers with new and thrift shop gifts and this story is one of my most memorable experiences.
 On my first visit to the Melia Rio De Oro resort I took in 20 thrift shop new ball caps. My first tip was to the workers at the lobby bar. I asked how many workers - reply - 12 - so I gave them 12 ball caps. Of all the tourists in the MRDO I got the best bar service.
 Whe I was leaving I had my best cap left  " Chevrolet " and asked the golf cart driver if he knew anyone that drove a Chevy and he said " My father bought a new one in 1953 and takes it out for a short spin every Sunday " I dud into my bag and gave him the cap for his father. He said " This is the best tip I ever received - my father will wear always - even when he goes to bed !!! "
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Go on, Gordon - I’m listening.

Thanks - I will post another tomorrow !!!

Haha, I’m guessing that a Cuban walking around with a Chev (or Ford) ball cap could also be seen by some CDR’s to be making an anti-government statement by advertising for a capitalist company.

Not really but walking around wearing a US flag hat is asking for trouble. Lots of private taxis are old G.M products !!!


I thought Americans are welcomed in Cuba.

it’s been said before, a tip is cash, a gift is just that. A tip is shared with the crew working that shift. A gift is given to perhaps the worker your in contract with…kind of a difference…yes.
If I had a cuc for every hat that I have seen given to a Cuban…lol…in a year a worker much get over hundred hats…lol. I seen many Cubans walking around with a American eagle or flag baseball hats…no problem at all…another tale…for another day…

I see American and Cuban flags in Havana on many occasions!

You see them but they are being watched - Si !!!

Absolutely no issues whatsoever wearing American flags or any American logo clothing in Cuba. You can even buy American flag t-shirts in Cuban clothing stores, although they’re not in style anymore. The Union Jack is the big seller presently.


In Niquero an American brought in U.S. flag hear scarfs for the ladies of the area. He got called to the police station and told " Never Again "

When was that CK?

Five or six years ago. Cubans like Americans but hate their politics - Si !!!

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that his issue had nothing to do with scarfs and everything to do with being a creepy foreigner handing out gifts willy nilly to women.


That makes sense.
There was a round-up of creepy guys at Playa del Este for enticing young girls. Just a “Tune-Up” but the message was clear.

He was married to a local lady and she is now in the USA !!!