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Cuba to scrap two-currency system in latest reform

My co-worker returned from Cuba (through Varadero airport) this past weekend.  We gave her money to buy cigars and she brought the change back in CUCs (35 in bills and a few coins) and encountered no issues about money exchange at that airport nor any warnings from her tour rep or at the airport.  Realistically, they don’t have enough personnel nor the time to search every person departing Cuba for CUCs.  For myself, I’m going to continue our practice of bringing home a small amount of CUCs for our return trip and, as with tipping, etc, in Cuba, do it discreetly.

I read it too:
HAVANA — Cuba’s government announced few days ago that it will take the first small, symbolic step toward eliminating a two-currency system that has become an uncomfortable manifestation of economic inequality on the island.President Raul Castro said this year that the communist government must scrap the system, in which businesses driven by trade with foreigners use a currency known as convertible pesos that is pegged to the U.S. dollar. Most of the rest of Cuba’s heavily subsidized communist economy, meanwhile, uses ordinary pesos worth about 5 cents each that cannot be directly converted into foreign currencies.
source: http://www.forumcuba.com/content.php/118-Cuba-announces-move-toward-currency-unification

I always have CUC with me on the way back to Canada as I know I am going back so I must have money with me for beer etc … once they change money it will not be over night so we are safe at least if we go once per year you will be able to use money!

Bring back what you can afford to lose. It’s the uncertainty that makes a Cuba visit such an adventure.
Remember your last trip through Customs (there or here, LOL)

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We just got back from Santiago Wed night and we asked this question to one of the bartenders. He said yes the change will happen but its a process so maybe in two years time.

Over on Trip Advisor, there is some talk about this.
The first steps seem to be in rationalizing the internal government accounting system to the CUP to CUC exchange rate that the general public pays.
The two articles referenced in the TA thread have some explanation of how the change from a 1:1 rate in the internal accounting may be changing. I admit I really don’t have a grasp of it myself, but I suppose the Cuban government accountants think they do.