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Cuba - Top Secret - Morgages

My fried in Port Alberni has house / condos that he rents out. Last week he bought a new one - zero down - 2.2 % interest - 30 year term. Will this type of deal come to Cuba ???

China recently stated they were not going to buy any more U.S. debt. So they will invest in countries that are not tied to the U.S. dollar. If the U.S. dollar goes to Ca. $ 0.75 China wins no this type of deal - big time.

[quote=@cubakingone]My fried in Port Alberni has house / condos that he rents out. Last week he bought a new one - zero down - 2.2 % interest - 30 year term. Will this type of deal come to Cuba ???

Will not come to Cuba. Because houses and condos in Canada are overpriced so if mortgage gets higher nobody would be able to afford it. I hope we do not have same issue like our neighbors south with this so crazy low mortgage rates. Everyone owns to whom we will sell.

China has its own problems with real estate check out China ghost cities:

Will Chinese invest in Cuba? They export lost of food rice, split peas etc to Cuba but I am not sure if they would invest in Cuban condominiums and building of new infrastructure.

China is sitting on near $4 trillion in foreign reserves !!! They want to spend but not in countries like Haiti - Si !!!

I haven’t seen Admin’s video yet; got back yesterday and the infrastructure should be fixed before Cuba decides to do ANYTHING. There are no buried electrical wires and sewer pipes are so outdated they can’t take the Cuban waste let alone that of tourists. After Sandy, they didn’t replace some telephone poles, hence no phones; what they did do is give those who live in areas that were located in provincial ‘main’ cities/towns individual cell phones - no land lines. That alone explains why some resort staff have more gadgets & bling that we do. Water supply is another issue.

How could Cuba put up new resorts and/or condo buildings without those critical upgrades. Roads are still in terribly bad shape - what investor would spend the money to build without infrastructure updates. It is still a beautiful country; but it appears to me that the government is after steady cash flow (tourists) to provide necessary monies to run the government offices while citizens wait for supplies and assistance. An investor would want his/her property to be A+ not a sub-standard unreliable mud hole. I have better ways to invest my money.

But I would still like to vacation there. Can that be April’s contest Zee? A 2 week trip to Cuba? Please.

Who put up the $ 600 million for the new Melia Marina Varadero complex ??? Or the $ 1 billion new port at Mariel ?

Well Gordon, that would be good to know! However, I say they should look after their own needs before over-loading the current availability of life’s necessities. If you do find out who funded the new complex and port, please let us know. Cuba is changing for sure and very seldom is it a change for the good.

I asked but no one answered ???

You do make me laugh and Lord knows we all need it. Do you think it was China? Could it just be from the money on the exit fees they receive. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t go to local communities.

Maybe we should ask the Cuban government official monitoring this post. He should know :slight_smile:

Blixem: Thank you for my second laugh of the day; I needed it already and I’ve only been home for about 28 hours. If we asked the Cuban government do you think they would answer us?

Sure they will. Just promise them some canned fish.
Worked for the last guy.

Where have you been sund0g? Did you have fun?

We were at Los Galeones (fly to Santiago, bus to Chivirico). My brother introduced us to this tiny area; the first time we stayed I didn’t enjoy it as much as I do now. It is a rural area and the resort has exactly 32 rooms (and the famous or infamous 300 stairs down to the beach), but the staff and services are impeccable and the guests are usually repeaters and everyone knows everyone. Weather was wonderful, food was excellent and plentiful, beverages unlimited … what else could you ask for? I didn’t enjoy the first visit because my DH had a mobility issue and I sorta became a nursemaid; but the issue is now fixed and I learned to relax and let others wait on me - and what a great job they do!!! You should try it sometime.

Los Galeones - only resort in Cuba that has both over the ocean sunrise - sunset.

It is a beautiful spot Gordon. Have you been there? Because it is adult only, you could have your romantic week away without the children!! I would babysit for you if you pay my fare! Seriously!

EDIT: I would babysit for free because I would get them to teach me Spanish and how to dance. Fair exchange.

Will defenitely look into this one!

I did a lot of Santiago resorts in 1993 / 1994 / 1995. Had a great time - a lot younger in those days!!!

So Gordon: does this mean my offer is not accepted? You’re as young as you feel and you must feel like a teenager. 93-95 is only 20 years ago! So let’s say that you are a very mature 40 year old. Feel better now? I saw pictures of you and I would guess maybe closer to 50 but I won’t quibble. Only because I really want to learn how to dance and speak Spanish like your kids and they would be great teachers; and I like to barter. I’ll throw in some trilliums to spice up the deal - come on - say yes. Pretty please.

I would so like to meet you someday. We’ve been to the same places (I haven’t been as much as you) so we have a lot in common. And I have so enjoyed you on various forums over the years. Thank you for your insight and your tenacity. (And I do mean that sincerely).