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Cuba Trip - Secrets - On How You Are :::

Saving money when the cost of most things is going up and the dollar down.
I am ::

  1. Buying food on sale / loss leaders and making multiple purchases.
  2. On strike against local bars and liquor outlets.
  3. No more taxi - I walk.
  4. Cut back on home temperature - wear sweater in house when needed.
  5. Visit thrift shops more often and alwys check out month end sales
    What are you doing to increase your spending money for Cuba ?

I think Im going to cut back on Xmas… My 15 year olds present is his trip to Cuba, so hes done except a couple of Santa presents. My 5 year old wants everything but needs nothing...Im going to try and keep it to a minimum for him. Im telling the hubby all I want is travel money. Ive already talked to several friends whose kids exchange gifts with my kids every year and we decided to cut that out…afterall none of the kids need anything and who needs to spend more?

Buy a lego set - let your children play with it - take it down to Cuba as a gift - Cubans have no Lego so it will be a shared treat !

What are you doing to increase your spending money for Cuba ?[/quote]

I’ve worked tons of overtime all year (and not by choice :() but, the upside is the trip is long paid for and lots of spending money set aside. Now we count down the days to much need R&R on the beach at Breezes Jibacoa :sunglasses:

Yup, the christmas thing is good. My son has way more than he needs already and my wifes favourite thing in the word is time in Cuba, this year xmas will be Cuba tickets…

Like_D_Sun, Ive been trying to get my hubby to do only tickets or money for vacation at Xmas for years now…Hes always insisted on buying presents, but this year Im staying strong and insisting!!! I really dont need anything and my favorite thing in the world, like your wife, is going south...Plus Im trying to save up extra this year, as I`m hoping to go somewhere this summer and volunteer for a few weeks:)

I do all the above cost saving measures and my non-Cuba week of vacation is usually some sort of camping trip. Camping is pretty cheap, so the overall vacation expenses are kept down. I usually go to Cuba in January when the prices are lower too.

I don’t know if this works for you but we now have some of the family (the inlaws) coming and have expanded our no presents thing. It works better the more people who are involved!

I buy Canada Savings Bonds on the payroll deduction plan - comes right off the top of each cheque and that is our “holiday” money. I know it’s not the best interest rate - but it is forced savings. Actually with the pitance of interest I would have done better to put my RRSP money into CSBs that I did on Mutual Funds this past year :wink:

I save $ 25.00 per week all year long. I also save $ 25.00 per week for my travel buddy as she has trouble saving herself. She knows I won’t give it back to her until it’s time to pay for the trip. LOL I also have been doing the payroll deductions to Canada Savings Bonds. Great way to force savings. So by doing that I have a fews years ahead.

I did something that really paid off this year. I bought US $ when it was at par and a few cents lower. I just traded it back into Canadian and I’m up $ 230.00. More $ for Cuba. Already stocking up on things to bring to them as I know that they are hurting from the hurricane damage.

My husband a I are not spending any money on each other for chistmas this year. Instead we are going to Cuba for a week in early December.

Good for you book lady. Sometimes its hard but bonds are a great way.Sunllover also good deal. Those are good things to try and do if possible. All for the altimate goal. CUBA !!!Hope you have fun.

I understand about the forced savings as I work for Telus Mobility and I have shares which is how I pay for my long awaited southern trips!!! Don’t even miss the deductions each pay and then get a little suprise when I check out how much I actually have!!!


I’m really lucky to have dug myself out of massive hole of debt, with the assistance of my new husband and by changing careers. Because of that, I can now put away money monthly into a travel account and I put double that into a savings account for unplanned expenses. At the end of the year, I’ll be able to buy some RRSPs and still have some in the savings account.

Going to Cuba at the end of the month and am sooo happy not to be in debt for it. But I have to add that I get my hair done at one of those cheap places that’s less than $20 including tip, only two or three times a year, don’t spend money on manicures, pedicures, spa days, lattes or a lot of money wasters that don’t benefit my overall quality of life. I buy second hand clothes that look brand new and are dirt cheap, with the occasional splurge. My hubby maintains our second-hand vehicles so they look fabulous and run smoothly.

I got tired of trying to impress people I didn’t care about, buying things I didn’t need. I won’t be fretting about Christmas this year, although last year I think I spent about $200-$300 on presents for the two of us. When I do give gifts now, I try to give tickets to events or items that can be consumed. After travelling to third-world countries, I realized how much STUFF we all have that we don’t use.

shaniqua: Absolutely you have it right. Way to go. If only… :-/

Well said Shaniqua! Many of us spend way to much time and energy trying to impress and keep up with "joness"...And for what? Like you Ive come to a very different way of thinking about money and belongings in the past few years. I think going to places like Cuba and the DR can really make some people think twice and make some changes in their lives…

Nothing has changed here at all. If I wasn’t listening to the radio or TV or even reading the newspaper, still nothing would be any different. The media is making more trouble than what is really is happening. People have always over spent their money and credit cards.

I’ve cut back from going wild 6 nights a week to only 5.

It’s killing me, but ultimately worth it…

Martian You are such a kider!And shaniqua ;D ;D ;D ;D

Who’s kidding?.. :wink: