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Cuba Trip - Secrets - On How You Are :::

This year we have asked our children instead of buying us things that we simply don’t need to instead buy us things that are needed in Cuba for our gifts such as powdered milk, Tylenol, cold medicine, children’s vitamins and the such. Also we asked for soap, some makeup, socks, shampoo etc and we are going to make up gift bags and take pictures of some of the people who we give these things to and bring them back to show them. So the whole family is now gathering things for this even the grand children. They are so excited everytime they find something they can add to their gift bags. The kids are responsible for making the bags for children and are really enjoying this. This lets us bring down more things without costing too much and as I said we will not be receiving some gift that we will never use. We are sooo excited for our trip on Jan 12th.

back2cuba, that is the nicest idea! I love that the grandkids are into it, for other kids…
wonderful spirit of Christmas in action!
so nice to see!
thanks for posting.

Well don’t tell my employer but they have been putting 25% of my Cuba savings away for me this year… ;D
They contribute 25% of what I contribute to a group RRSP, almost as good as bonds but even when I lose 5-9% on the RRSP I gain back on the employer contibution, but Shhhhhhh, don’t tell…lol. :-X

Things we’ve done to help save for “vacation fund”…

  • Haven’t turned any heat on in the house yet…only burn the woodstove sometimes. Pretty good for mid-November!

  • Had a yard sale this fall for the first time…made $480.00

  • Shop more by the ‘sale flyers’ for groceries

  • Always put away about $50 per week all year. Never put our trip on credit unless we can pay off the whole balance.

  • I never was much of a 'shop ‘til you drop’ kinda gal…so that means I would rather save my $ than get a manicure and new shoes, etc.

  • I refuse to replace our old TV. It’s 22 years old, a hitachi floor model w/ swivel base…it’s an antique! I’m gonna use it 'til it dies!
    All of our friends ‘laugh’ at it… :-[

  • One good thing…the price of gas is lower now, thank goodness!