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Cuba wedding certificate, please help!


Hi, Can anyone tell me how long it took for their wedding certificate to arrive once married. I was married at PP on 05 Octover 06, they said 4 months… I know its only just 4 months past but im impatient and want to change my name!! In in the UK if that makes any difference.



Hi Emmalou - it took us approximately 4-5 months to get ours and we are in Canada. Why don’t you try and e-mail Yaly and see if she can check into it for you? There were always happy to do it for us.



I am in Canada and recieved mine after three months. I would email your wedding coordinator and see if she can help you out. Good luck.


Hi emmalou,

Mine took around 6 months :-[. I live in the U.K. I would definately contact Yaly or Katherine, see if they can shed any light on this for you.

Good luck


Hi emmalou,

I am in the UK and our certificate took just under 3 months to arrive…this does seem to vary though!! Like the others have suggested, your best bet is to contact your coordinator at the hotel and ask her for an update.

Hope you don’t have to wait too much longer!!