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Cuba Youtube?

Any good Cuban material on Youtube ?

We checked You Tube on the different resorts before we booked… not that it was part of our final decision, but helped when looking at the beaches etc…

There’s an avalanche of Cuba stuff on YouTube. Like anything 95% of it is unwatchable, boring tripe, but if you use their search engine to at least list hits in order of Rating then you can find some real gems, especially some of the music.

This isn’t a great one, but it’s worth watching for a few jumps. (1:11 is great and at 1:20 the jump from a standing position is insane.)

I like the video because Leonel used to be a neighbour of mine and some of my fondest memories when I first started visiting Cuba was the two of us going out on the town, and I’d be placing bets for him with tourists that he could jump over cars. He was just a kid then and not even very big, but he never lost. Too much fun…

For many different reasons this is my favorite music video that I did in Cuba…

T, if I haven’t said it before…which I think I have, I’ll say it now…you have the most interesting job… ;D

Love the video of Leonel, crazy jumping!
in looks he reminds me so much of a good friend of ours…

Terry, if you ever need a set carpenter or quasi lighting guy(free) please call me. PS; don’t tell Karmadoc!!

And that, my friends, is why you should use Dr. Scholl’s Air Pillo insoles… Holy doodle, was this guy’s father a grasshopper? Sproing!!!

eloisegirl, I read and reread and oh boy am I dense today. Took me a while to figure that on out.

Sorry, ewka, I was referring to the first video of the guy who jumps very high when playing volleyball. The second video is delicious snoggy music. If you want to wear Air Pillo Insoles when being romantic, it’s entirely your call.

Thanks for that Martian. Had the pleasure of watching the mens cuban team here in winnipeg 2 years ago. simply amazing. Could not cheer enough when they were playing the yankees :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting the video links. I loved watching the one with Leonel jumping.