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Cuban Boy - " Are You Enjoying My Country ? "

 About 15 years ago while I was at the Sierra Mar resort I rented an auto and headed into the mountains. At the end of the cow path there was a small village with houses that looked like chicken coupes. Out of one came a young boy and said to me in perfect English " Are you enjoying my country ? " I said " Yes " and gave him a package of Tictacs. At that time I was not taking in tip / gifts.

And the moral to the story is???


[quote=@bergerman]And the moral to the story is???


Does there need to be one??

Some Cubans are very poor - Si

His English me his father / mother worked in the resort.

[quote=@cubakingone]Some Cubans are very poor - Si

Yes, I believe that to be true from what I’ve seen and experienced in areas away from resorts and outside of major Cuban cities.