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Cuban Coffee

Hello everyone.

Been lurking for a while and getting plenty of great info. First I’d like to extend a warm thanks for those who provide us with this board and to all who post advice.

One thing I don’t read much about regarding Cuba anywhere on the Net is their coffee. We all know about their rum (I hardly drink any alcohol) and to those of us who enjoy a fine cigar, it’s obviously a Mecca for “Lovers of the Leaf” but I think Cuban coffee is somewhat ignored out of the country and it deserves a little more attention.

Of the several places I’ve been to, Brisas Santa Lucia had the best coffee bar by far and I’d consider the coffee at Club Amigo Guardalavaca to be hardly palatable.

What’s your opinions on Cuban coffee, be it either made as Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, etc?

Also, to those of you who’ve been to Brisas Guardalavaca, please let me know what you thought of the coffee there?

Thanks in advance.


We’ve only been to All-inclusives, so cannot speak for coffee available out of Havana. The best we’ve tasted is CUBITA, in the shiny black packaging, which we’ve purchased each year we go to Cuba and which we are always sorry to run out of! :-/
Most of the hotels we’ve been to offers 2-3 kinds of coffee, and Cubita came in two varieties, the other of which is less expensive (red package). Sorry, can’t remember the price, but under 10CUC fo sho!

We love the Cuban coffee and Cubita is also our favourite brand. The best coffee bar we encountered was at Playa Pesquero. Mmmm, was it good!

Cubita also makes a GREAT instant coffee. Comes in a black can, around 5CUC. I know, you’re thinking “instant coffee??!” but I would take a cup of it over a Tim Horton’s.

Cubita is also my favorite, and it is now available at a local supermarket, much to my delight. I also really like Serrano, and plan on bringing a few packages back next trip.

A few resorts I’ve been at have offered café con leche at the breakfast buffet: the waiter would come with a pot of coffee in one hand and a pot of warm milk in the other, and would mix it to your liking… Delicious, hands down my favorite coffee in Cuba!

I agree with you yhz…I think Cuban coffee is outstanding…never had a bad cup. We are heading down in a few hours for a 7th time and I’m already looking forward to my 1st cup for breakfast tomorrow morning.

I also developed a liking for Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica a few years back…very tasty indeed!! :stuck_out_tongue: I would definitely take either of these over a Timmy’s any day. Mind you, (now don’t hate me for this… :o) I’d even take a Country Style over Timmy’s…I honestly think their coffee is highly over rated…IMHO of course!! :wink:

In my experience the best coffee in the Caribbean is Blue Mountain from Jamaica, then Cubita from Cuba and Santo Domingo from The Dominican Republic, all very good coffees.Cheers Dan

I love the coffee served at some resorts but have no idea what brand it is. I’ve bought Cubita to bring home but it didn’t seem the same - maybe the atmosphere has something to do with that. :smiley:
I’ve found a fairly local coffee shop that sells Cuban coffee but I don’t know what brand it is, but it is better than the Cubita that I brought back from Cuba. It’s a bit expensive though, $3.85/kg, for fresh ground - but it’s worth it.
Next time in the shop maybe I’ll try some Jamaican Blue Mountain.

wow.I’m a pretty good coffee drinker myself…NEVER had a decent cup in Cuba! matter of fact I dislike it so much I drink tea with my breakfast :slight_smile:

The previous poster I believe has some issues to sort out ^^^^^^^^^^^
Anyways, I’m not much of a coffee drinker but really like the taste of Cubita coffee.

[quote=@jetpilot]The previous poster I believe has some issues to sort out ^^^^^^^^^^^
Anyways, I’m not much of a coffee drinker but really like the taste of Cubita coffee.[/quote]

na I don’t think so, for the first few years we went to Cuba we found the coffee, tolerable, then for some reason the last few times we’ve grown to enjoy it. I think the big thing is in Canada we put cream in our coffee, but they seem to only offer milk, but now I’ve changed to milk in Canada and I find the coffee in Cuba very good. I think it might be an acquired taste for those Timmyaholics

Have friends who love Cuba but don’t like the coffee. I tried to fool them by serving Cuban coffee (Cubita) during the summer and they both said " What’s with the coffee, it tastes like that s***t they serve in Cuba."

we brought 3 packages of Serrano coffee beans home with us to use in our Saeco coffee maker and it tastes absolutely fabulous. A taste of Cuba every morning.

Best coffee is always at the bar, not the breakfast buffet…
They serve a mild cafe con leche there.
We have one, then go out to the bar for a “real” cuban cup of coffee…

When we first went to Cuba in the late 80’s to Rancho Luna the coffee there was brutally bitter. Iam a coffee lover (black) and I used to watch my late wife and staff put milk and 2 or 3 tsps of sugar in this small demi-tasse cup then say how good it was. UGh
Not for me LOL

Didn’t care for the coffee at the buffet, but, thoroughly enjoyed what was served at the coffee bar. With a splash of Cuban coffee liquor, one couldn’t go wrong.

We brought home a package of the Cubita and it goes nicely with Bailey’s on weekend mornings. I wish we had brought back more! :smiley:

We’ve noticed that several hotels water down their coffee slightly (or use lower quality coffee), particularly at the buffet. We therefore ALWAYS take our coffees and cappuccinos at the lobby bar or specify to the restaurant waiters that we want “coffee from the machine”

Love the Serrano coffee. Glossy dark beans that produce a full bodied cup. It is delicious when made at home however, it tastes much better when on vacation in paradise. I’m sure people can relate to that phenomenon! LOL

I always buy Serrano coffee at the airport to bring home. It kinda extends the vacation for a couple more weeks.
I also take Baileys TO Cuba for my morning coffee. Thanks to a friend for starting me on that!

[quote=@jetpilot]The previous poster I believe has some issues to sort out ^^^^^^^^^^^
Anyways, I’m not much of a coffee drinker but really like the taste of Cubita coffee.[/quote]

the only issue I would have would be with your attitude. Last time I checked this was Canada , a free country with freedom of speech…don’t like my opinion?? turn the page.

To answer your second question, my opinion is that you’re in luck!
Brisas Guradalavaca has had the best coffee of any resort we’ve been to.
The best spot to get it is at the “all night” bar by the pool at the main resort.
As I’m an early riser, I go for the coffee and then go back to the room to wake up the wife. Needless to say, she likes this kind of room service ;).
We’ve brought home lots of coffee from Cuba, but I find it’s always better at the resort.