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Cuban Cuisine - What do you like?

There’s always comments about how the food in Cuba, to say the least, isn’t high on a priority list of why we go to Cuba, and very often it’s actually “slammed”!

However, I’m sure many have had great experiences and I thought I’d start a thread extolling the good points.

Obviously it should appeal to anyone who likes to consume “Organic” foods.

I’ve never had a bad pasta dish in Cuba, and the omlettes are always great.

My wife goes nuts for their fruit, ESPECIALLY their pineapple

If you like seafood, it’s probably always fresh and there’s usually a nice selection (depending on the resort of course).

Cuban cuisine isn’t heavy on spices. I like to cook dishes that are traditionally heavy in spice (Curries, Oriental and Italian), but while some find food there bland, I find it very refreshing to actually taste whet you’re eating (be it meat, fish or vegetables) and not have the natural flavours masked by spices.

I think it was at Club Amigo Guardalavaca where I had a lamb dish that was by far, the best of any I’ve had in Cuba. I remember it was chunks simmered in some sauce and the “Natural” flavours were spectacular.

So, what are your good memories, or what do you look forward to, in regards to Cuban food?

Pasta bars have always been a hit for me!!

I also love beans and rice … oh and the yucca … mmmmmmmm

Oh I can’t for get the fish and seafood … and the bread …

yeah I never have a problem finding something to eat. lol

tachinos, also known as tostones - thick fried slices of banana - crispy on the outside, soft inside… Absolutely yummy!

Without a doubt, the ajiaco we had at Princesa del Mar. I tried making it at home, it just wasn’t the same. I agree with cigarnewf that it is nice to actually taste what you are eating, especially the veggies.

The fresh croissants at Barcelo Cayo Largo, and the malanga… mashed… just like mashed potatoes!

The fresh squeezed OJ, the guava paste bars, guava jam mixed in Cuban milk (like a smoothy), custom omelettes, rice and beans, mojo sauce (on everything!), flan, rice pudding… slurp YUM!!!

Their rice pudding is the best! So is the ice cream!

The breads, buns, ice cream, cheese and coffee are excellent. I like to try items that are different than what we have in Canada. - rice & beans, bacon, sausage, fish etc. It’s great to be able to try a little of everything then go back for more of the good stuff.

Away from the resort I like beans and rice, guava paste & cheese and the pork and fish, my problem is even at the resort I can always find something to eat - and do!

I love ajiaco, rice and beans and ropa viejo.

And the bread, ham and ice cream are always excellent in Cuba.

Great replies, thanks.

The rice and beans and ice cream I forgot about, but both are excelllent. Coffee yes, but that was in another thread. I look forward to that more so than Mojitos or any kind of alcohol.

Some stuff was mentioned I’ve never heard of so I’m going to keep my eyes open for tachinos, ajiaco, malanga, guava (paste bars & jam), Mojo Sauce.

Couple of people mentioned Rice Pudding. If I went to a buffet and that was all that was there, I’d eat sand first. :-X

The Beer Garden’s fried chicken at Playa Pesquero is one reason we’ve decide to try no other resort again.

Also, the flambe bananas are to die for! ;D

Black beans and rice - bananas flambe :sunglasses:

Had this thread running for a while a couple of months ago.


MMmmmm ROPA VIEJA… YUM YUM… loved it so much there that I bought the spices while I was there and make it at home now and everyone I have made it for Love it and can’t get enough.

The soups…haven’t had a bad soup in Cuba, yet. Oh, and the ice cream :slight_smile:

LOL, yeah, I guess that’s one of the Caribbean “Food Groups”. ;D :sunglasses:

does cristal fall into the food group?

All I can say is I have not found anything that I did not like… did anyone mention the cheeses…