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Cuban Shoe Sizes

Seasons greetings to all;
Can anyone help me find the definitive shoe size conversion chart for Cuba. I have found a couple of them on the net but they differ considerably. They show a Cuban size 42 (men) as anywhere from
8 1/2 to 10 our size. I need to find some shoes for a friend before our next trip. Thanks for any help.

Cuban shoe sizes are “European” sizes.

Here is a link to a useful site:


You can always buy a little larger, and then include some Scholls insoles or Odor Eaters, which will also make the shoe a little comfier as well. I try to include 2 pairs of socks with the shoes, so they always have one for the feet and one for the laundry! :wink:


Several times now I have received a letter from Cuba just to find the outline of a foot inside on a piece of paper so I would get the shoe size right. Never fails to crack me up!! ;D ;D ;D

I like to put a pair of socks in each shoe so the person who gets the shoes also gets two pairs of socks ;D

That is funny
I do try and take as many shoes and runners as possible. I look for deals all over.Big ones little ones thats why i need more luggage room :slight_smile: