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Cubana air

We will be flying Cubana air in a couple of weeks, was wondering if they show movies and does the headset come complimentary? Is there a hot meal or cold sandwich. How’s the leg room, not that I’m tall but was just curious.

From what I’ve read. Spanish movies only

Legroom decent, not cramped. On my last flight with them (in May 2008) they showed the Bucket List - it was a recent release at the time. Didn’t watch it, but saw many people who did, so obviously the soundtrack must not have been Spanish only. I do believe headsets were complimentary, but I usually bring my own.

No hot lunch that I recall, but it was a decent meal, for airline food!

Flew withy Cubana Air in November of 2006. The movie was in both English and Spanish on the free headset that they provided. Meal was hot and the beer going down was free, but not coming home to Toronto. :sunglasses:

From Canada or Europe Cubana normally uses planes hired from other companies. The films normally come with two or three choices of language. (I don’t recall any airline that didn’t give a choice. )

Beardo: maybe you can answer this. Flying definitely with Cubana (from Toronto) in a week’s time and trying to find out about first class. Web sites don’t address this issue and I’m seriously thinking about treating myself. Any idea on the cost? Appreciate any help you can give.

Sorry - no idea.

I’ve flown Cubana Business Class many times. I’ve never bought it in advance. About half the time I was always able to arrange it at Toronto Airport for another $100 or so, but 100% of the time I was able to swing it in Havana for $40 - $60. Just be discrete when talking to your check-in agent and have the cash ready to quietly hand over.

It’s a nice perk, but not absolutely necessary. The worst flight on Cubana is still WAY better than ANY flight in the sardine section on a bloody charter…

May of last year I got it for $80 Canadian …
In Havana they initially wanted $100 cuc’s … but a time went on came down to $50 cuc …

Just flew with Cubana. On the way to Cuba they played a movie - in English. It was called “Reservation” I think - not sure if it is a new release or not. On the way home they only played commercials. Both ways was a croissant turkey sandwich. The drinks were not free - not sure about pop/juice.

Thanks for the info jtdl…

You’re welcome! Forgot to mention that the headset is complimentary. Have a great trip.