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Cubana de Aviacion


not sure if this question has been asked in the past… and I don’t feel like doing a search :stuck_out_tongue: :P… so here I go asking my question :-* :-*

Heading to Cuba via Cubana air from Montreal and I am trying to find out the Checked Baggage limitation. We usually fly Sunwing to Cuba which allows free extra baggage for scuba gear, which is not included in your first weight limitation. Kind of a nice bonus.

Has anyone recently flown to Cuba via Cubana air and do you remember the checked baggage limitation?

Web sites states: http://www.cubana.cu/guide/?article=eq_factur

Checked Baggage
The permitted free allowance includes hand and checked baggage and may vary according to the service class you pay:
Business Class: 30kg or 40 kg.
Tourist Class: 20kg or 30 kg.
In our flights to and from Canada and Spain the free baggage allowances are determined by the piece concept.

The permitted free allowance includes both, checked baggage and hand baggage.



We flew last year from Halifax and it was 40kg including checked and carry on. Still only 1 checked piece per passenger. May have changed.


thanks for the info Jimbo1954…

wow! 40kg (88lbs) …good for us travellers :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
poor luggage carriers :’( :’(
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I flew on them 3 weeks ago and it was 30k and 1 checked bag and one carry on. They gave a small size restriction for the carry on but didn’t enforce it.


thanks DRG! :slight_smile:

from which airport of departure?

… YUL (Montreal) staff (especially Sunwing) always go to the point of looking at weight to the exact pound and it’s known that they are locally employed and could be working for different airlines.


Be careful. Different Canadian departure cities may have different allowances.


thanks Radar…we may have to keep the weight down to 20kg to avoid extra costs :stuck_out_tongue:


Always worth investing in a photographers vest type sleeveless jacket…you’d be amazed how much weight and camera gear you can fit in those things. I have a massive one and fit the body of the camera, batteries, chargers, all the heavy gear in the pockets and then transfer the lot back into my hand luggage once through check in. They are great if you are struggling for weight allowance.


Thanks Wossa…great travelling tip!
going to look into that possibility. :wink:


here is used one for sale on Kijiji Ottawa


I wonder if that is a good price? ???


Seems pretty good to me mate, $40…you could probably make an offer on that as well ? I have used mine to get through loads of stuff that I would normally never get through on basic carry on weight, especially gear that you don’t want to risk putting in your hold luggage.
It’s not the most fashionable bit of clothing but it has saved me a small fortune on paying additional weight allowance.


I wear mine every trip with wossa’s logic.
Interesting how many ask me where I’ll be fishing. LOL


thanks DRG! :slight_smile:

from which airport of departure?


It was out of Halifax to Santa Clara.

Have fun on your trip!