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Cubans Love Chocolate - Si!

Great prices coming on after Easter sales.

[quote=@cubakingone]Great prices coming on after Easter sales.

A few years ago Rainbow and I headed into Havana and he brought about 50 chocolate Easter bunnies with us. I think he paid .25 cents each for them right after Easter. The Cubans loved them and every bunny made it to Cuba without melting, lol.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

In the UK the supermarkets clear their shelves on Easter Saturday after closing. All the supermarkets close on Easter Sunday and when they open up on Easter Monday all Easter eggs etc have been removed.

Sadly, most of the stores here will be open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Discounting of Easter chocolates as already started in some stores, but Monday and all of next week will be prime time for stocking up.

That surprises me Bellagio. Canadians rely on the after holiday sale - and that means any holiday, from Valentines Day, Easter, etc. We stock up on what we think we might want later. We spend a lot of money to save money. Just have to careful to inspect the goods in case you get a cracked bunny! Or heart shape, or Santa’s reindeer. They always seem to have a bashed in head. Someone clobbered them.

I remember when CubaKing first posted this many moons back. I dashed to the supermarkets first thing on Easter Monday and there were no Easter Eggs in sight, yet I well remember checking around closing time on Saturday there were loads left - remember UK Supermarkets close on Easter Sunday.

Most shops are open here on Good Friday.

Not just that Cubans love chocolate but [a href=“http://debbiesreviews.proboards.com/thread/20958/cocoa-chocolate-cuba”]Cuba produce Chocolate[/a] as well! Usually all chocolate that is not sold before holidays is very cheap after holidays specifically one that is in certain shape like eggs for example.